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Poems of Rye

All poems were written by R. Evans, expected the ones noted.

  • Many Kinds of Love
  • Read this Poem
  • As Simple as a Kiss
  • A Love is Consummated


R. Evans


In life there are many kinds of love and I have felt most.

I have been in love with one girl but we were to close.

Life has given me one bad relationship after another.

And even though I have given my heart to them all it seemed they loved me as a brother.

None willing to give me that love I offer.

And these loves I can truly say they made my heart softer.

I have been what I thought was love many time,

But they haven't even lasted half-way down the line.

Your kisses to me are filled with passion while theirs with lust

My past relationship have been based on lies and ours fully on trust.

So even though I have thought to encounter many kinds of love

You are my one true love when push comes to shove.



R. Evans


Read this poem when you first wake and before you sleep,

Feel the emotions put into it as I write I weep.

The tears that touch this paper is my love,

You're a gift to me from our father above.

The air I breathe as I write this poem shows I live for you,

And the reason I rise in the morning is because of you too.

Read this poem when you are unsure you are my love,

And it will let you know you are my love

The blood in my veins is here if you need it,

And the fire in my heart for you will always stay lit.

The heart in my body beats for only you,

And now we are one when we were once only two.

Read this poem to help you overcome your fears,

And always know that I'll wipe away all your tears.

My eyes can't tell you how I feel,

But in my heart I know its real.

Continuous love and undying devotion,

To me can create the strongest of love potions.

So read this poem as I think of your grace,

And read this poem as I dream of your face.



R. Evans


I've been alone before,

But never did it feel like this.


I've miss some of the simplest things,

But nothing as simple as a kiss.


I've dreamed of us,

Being reunited in every other dream.


But somehow this becomes a nightmare,

Because we never meet or that the way it seems.


My heart pounds with the sight,

Of the letter you wrote to me.


And even though we've together so long,

Its much of each other we have yet to see.


Although love is sometimes lost and never found,

Again is one I'll never forget.


Because of a thing

As a simple kiss.



R. Evans


Written in eternal ink a love is consummated, to live on until the end of time. Love a great power above many things but still understimated. A power taht sends chills up my spine. To seal my love and devotion with a kiss is too easily done. The time has come for me to express my undying love and show that you are "The One." As if you were sent from the heavens above. Eternally written in ink a love is consummated.

Rye will like to thank you for reading his poems. Come again so you can check out his new stuff.