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Poems of Luvme

All poems were written by C. Reed, expect those noted.

  • I Care
  • Detour
  • I Wonder 
  • My future...My Everything 
  • Time To Leave 
  • You Are 
  • I'm Gone 
  • Love Of My Life 
  • What's Love All About 
  • Good-bye For Good 
  • Life
  • "I CARE"

    C. Reed

    I care enough to be with you,
    I care enough to cry,
    I care enough to love you,
    I care enough to die,

    I care enough to listen,
    I care enough to let go,
    I care enough to pay attention,
    I care enough not to let you know,

    I care about your feelings,
    I care that we share,
    I want you to know I'm willing,
    To always care.




    C. Reed

    I want stop at a detour til i get to u
    cuz i know that the love I have for you is tru
    I know you have on ya warning signs
    but being ya girl is 1 position I wont resign

    I wont stop at a detour til I get 2 u
    cuz I know dat most of ya life has been sad and blu
    I know you neva said 2 anyone dat I love you, cuz ur scared of da hurt they might put u through.
    All I can say is baby I been there too and i know da pain you feel and I promise i won't hurt u.

    I wont stop at a detour til I get 2 u
    cuz my luv is tru and I juss wanna cherish you
    I wanna hug and kiss juss rub on u, hell I wanna make luv to u
    cant you see that I'm only luvin u, I'm only huggin u, I'm only kissin u, I wanna be with u.

    I wont stop at a detour til i get 2 u
    your da only man whose words are tru and they stick in my mind like Elmer's glue
    Ni99a i know you know i love you
    so put ya warning sign down
    cuz imma be da chick to always be around


    "I WONDER"

    C. Reed


    Each day passes slowly

    my thoughts are occupied

    of a man of truth and wisdom

    who will come into my life

    I am left here waiting

    wondering where you are

    still anticipating

    whether you are close or far

    You see, I dream of many things

    mostly ever lasting love

    brainwashed by those fairy tales

    and now it's all i can think of

    Pure deep connection

    an entrance through the eyes

    know that it is rare

    but souls never lie

    Maybe you think I'm crazy

    or unrealistic I may be

    it is those romantic hearts still waiting

    That shall breath eternity

    I just wonder where you are.



    C. Reed


    Picture you and I

    together on a lovely night out

    just leave your would behind

    as i take you on this expedition...into my mind

    They say imaginations run wild

    when a person is in live

    take me for example

    You have the scent of heaven

    the touch of an angel

    when you put your finger tips on my lips

    you make my life so painless

    A sight to behold

    a fortune exceeding the greatest

    yes you are the one

    the center of my universe

    Though I can't have you

    my fantasies will keep me alive

    my dreams will fulfill my desires

    and with belief I will continue to strive

    Until that day

    you're no longer afraid of love

    keep on remembering that there;s me

    all alone patiently waiting for you

    To be my future...To be my everything



    C. Reed


    A dozen lines,through lyin eyes

    troubled times,oh how time flies

    Out the window,in the snow

    I don't know how it's become so cold

    Broken hearts,strong love parts

    though it's hard,a brand new start

    Hurt again,by a friend

    you can't win,it's a bitter end

    Life or death? you start to regret

    chances bet,foe happiness

    Hear and soul,on a roll

    takin it's toll,time makes you old

    Now no fun,missed a ton

    to the sun,gotta run

    Its just me askin please

    life hates me.time to leave



    "YOU ARE"

    C. Reed


    Light in my mornings

    smiles on my face

    the way you move me

    no other can replace

    Strength when I'm needy

    softness when I'm unsure

    laughter through my days

    friendship to endure

    Seriousness when I struggle

    seduction when i desire

    encouragement when i stumble

    answers when I inquire

    Shoulders to lean on

    arms to hug when i cry

    someone to share with

    as the days go by


    "I'M GONE"

    C. Reed


    You can't believe I'm really gone

    I left you for good this time

    after all the times you"Ave ran back home

    I'm tired of your lines

    What happened to forever and love

    what happened to us

    now look what you have done

    you broke my heart and trust

    What a fool you was to think I'd take it

    time and time again

    I don't know how you are you've make it

    without me to take you in

    You thought I'd always be there

    no matter what you did

    now the mass of regret you will bare

    just might be the end

    when I'm not there



    C. Reed


    Love is very hard yet very happy

    things can go your way or fall your way

    your love may be forever

    or it may be like a flower

    it blooms then it falls

    and comes back again

    but don't you take love for granted

    for it can also leave you lonely

    love is very magical yea very sad

    love can be very happy

    and bring you together with someone you care about

    love can make a great hit

    and leave you in little bits

    a person in love is eternal and

    you could never break it

    you were the love of my life

    yet you left me sad and broken hearted

    like I was stabbed with a knife

    lord please bring back the love of my life



    C. Reed


    Some where in the night

    Two hearts cry out

    Listen to the silence

    Hear them scream

    She want him

    He wants another

    Lost in need

    In fulfilled desire

    In this world so many are lost

    Wanting and needing

    Unwilling to loose control

    Yet asking" Why am I alone?"

    When another is let inside

    Don't blame love

    Or the pain of emotion

    Blame it on yourself

    Blame it on compulsion

    If you live to control

    Yesterday's never over

    Living in the past

    What's love all about?

    Love is gentle

    Love is kind

    Realness of emotion can only find the truth

    Pain is pain

    Your heart is saying it's had enough

    Happiness id what love's all about



    C. Reed


    Sometimes I wonder where my life has gone it feels like I just live a sad country song. No one to turn to no one to lean on no one to cry to. Everyone is gone. Lost in a world of crazy dreams I wonder if it's as bad as it seems

    I feel like my heart is breaking. From so many people taking. Why can't love last forever?. Why aren't we together? Did you enjoy the pain you put me through? The nights of crying where were you? You said life was a game. Now it's my turn to play! I think it's about time that you pay!

    All the lies you said to me. You told me that we were meant to be, that life is nothin without trust. Now all it turned out to be was lust.I can't handle it anymore I'm glad i kicked you ass out the door. Now this is my game and guess what

    you lost!



    C. Reed


    Life is what you make of it

    Love is what you feel

    Happiness is what you see

    Pain is what you heal

    Never blame your boredom

    On having nothin to do

    Never blame your sadness

    On no one but you

    Don't show you're lonely

    To the ones who can't see

    And whateva you do with your self-pity

    Don't show it to me

    Don't let them look right through you

    Always try to hide

    There will always be a few good friends

    In whom you can confide

    Don't pretend you're lost

    If you don't want to be found

    And when you think you are the only one

    Take a look around

    Don't open your heart

    For someone who won't let you in

    Always play it smart

    Have a hand to lend

    The lesson that we have

    In our life is good

    Try to learn from mistakes

    Just like you know you should

    Luvme will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.