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Poems of Stilo

All poems were written by E. Ennis, except the ones noted.

  • A Tree With No Leaves
  • Space
  • Car Wash in Autumn
  • The Old Days  E. Ennis & G. Stokes
  • Gentle Voice - Lovely Wave 
  • Waiting 
  • A Feeling
  • Trying to Explain 
  • How I see it Happened 
  • Always More Than A Friend 
  • Just Some Wise Words 
  • Picture This 


E. Ennis


I was used to this feeling

That I don't have anymore

There used to be hugs and kisses

Gifts and misses

I just loved that feeling

Like you know someone's there

Now I am stuck in the cold

With nothing at all to wear

I used to be cuddled

And even kept warm

Also was kept calm during a storm

But I began to be smothered

I was sick of mothered

I regret this decision

Please God

Why didn't I listen

I just had to be free

Now I am alone

Like an old autumn tree



E. Ennis


You mean everything to me

Space I said I needed

And space is what I got

A space where my heart once pumped

It pumped love to all parts of me

Now it pumps nothing

No pain measures what I feel

But pain is what I deserve

Something I do see

The pain is voided on you

Nothing effected you

No tears, no anger, no pity


Something that involves both

Only hurts me

So what do I do now

Is that you mean everything to me

Now I question

Do I mean everything to you



E. Ennis


We met at the oddest place

On a saturday in Autumn

This car wash I never thought

I would see you there

My eyes weren't on those fly cars

But only on you

Your white shirt tied in a knot

And some gray sweat pants

Something that simple made me notice

How beautiful you really were

You smiled as I joked with you

And you looked deep into my eyes

When I spoke

Like you wanted to know something

Maybe that something

Was what I thought about you

Ask and you shall recieve

Keeping this feeling in is killing me

But nothing this odd ever happens

To real people

Especially me...

Who has ever heard of a car wash in autumn...



 E. Ennis, G. Stokes 


Remember elementary? Remember how we would ask out somebody? We wasnt allowed to date, but that didnt stop us. The small things counted like extra candy in your Valentines Day paper bag or twenty-five cent ice cream cup. And it didnt matter what kind of clothing line you wore (as long as they were clean). But now days In high school were allowed to date, but now we cant figure out with who. On Valentines Day getting some loving is more important than getting candy. Now everyone looks at what you wear, because that describes what type of person you are. Everything has changed, back then NOBODY cared. Now, everyone and their mamma is up in your business. Lets not talk about the Prom. From the dresses to the tuxedos, limousine or the family station wagon. Being there on time or coming late to make a BIG entrance. And the most important is who to go with. Oh, how we miss the old days.



E. Ennis


A gentle voice

A lovely wave

Is all I ever got


Never knew her name

Only her face

But something


Us always speak

I want to know


But I am

Very afraid

If she

Will like me


If I will like her

If we

Keep our distance

No harm

Would ever come

And I would always


I will get that

Gentle voice

And that

Lovely wave



E. Ennis


I saw you once

That is all it took.

From then on

I was hooked.

We spoke in person

And missing you only worsen.

We spoke on the phone

And that's when your feelings really shown.

Friends we are


Friends we have to stay.

But when there's a way

Roll back this way.



E. Ennis


I looked across the room

3 desks up

And 2 to the right

You looked straight into my eyes

Those eyes

So deep, dark, and delightful

That moment lasted so short

But seemed to last a whole class

My heart yearned

And my stomach knotted

To know what just happened

Time stopped for me

And for her

She had to have felt - -

Felt me

And I felt her

And I felt her

No words spoken

At just one glance

I felt a feeling I never - -

NEVER wanted to forget



E. Ennis


Their are many untold stories about me I'll give you an example the best I can and you'll see. It was me and Stephanie forever, at least suppose to be beacame less and less as time went on sitting at home crying on the phone. It just had me wanting to be alone. One day in a wet parking lot I found a "dime" that I didnt know much about. To get straight to the point without no question she is on of God's great blessin's Stay the way you are and I bet you'll go far. Then came along a bit of royalty which at the end showed a lot of loyalty who knows what you will come to be hopefully, their is a place for me. In between those two came a surprise a long kept secret about me arised a secret kept by this someone had me wondering where that had come from. Of all the things happened in the past till this day it gives me a little laugh because even though hurt comes from expierences these things have improved my senses of personalities that I like and respect be open-minded and never try to expect. Just sit back, relax, and go for the ride and take all life gives you in stride.



E. Ennis


I don't write to start a fight I write what I feel is right. I dont write to start trouble I write to break it down to mere rubble. Things I write are sometimes fun then I get a response, "what have I done?" Without her even asking I would write thing full of passion what happened to that what happened to me being white and you being black what happened to, I'll call you right back? Did we just grow apart or did i get lost in the dark You moved on away from me before I could even see. I wish you nothing but greatness but the truth is you left me "faithless" I find that to be an ironic twist but I guess I took the risk so with that and a smile on my face. I guess I'll finish my lifelong race.



E. Ennis


You had become more than my friend yet you never became anything less. We could never get things going again, but occasionaly we let things off of chest. Never knowing where it will begin you greatest secrets you have confessed, but never will things end now I wonder what is left?



E. Ennis


The world can be an overwhelming place, change is what keeps you in pace. I'm not saying that it is a race, but rather a field where you are being chased. Someone is always trying to be better than you, so always have a good friend or crew to help you with things you need to do and dont forget to thank each other too.



E. Ennis


A picture that I can see sometimes when I close my eyes I try to picture something so wonderful. Now close your eyes and see this "picture"... The moon reflecting on the ocean during a starlit night around Autumn. All you feel is a gentle sea-breeze, no traffic sounds, no people talking. All you hear is the sound of air and water traveling through millions of beautiful shells. That gentle sea-breeze brings with it ripples of waves onto grains of white sand that is as comforting as cotton and silk, cooled and warmed by the air and the ocean. Now opening my eyes I am back in reality only to find myself in awe once again. To see someone equally, if not more beautiful than the "picture" I just imagined. A girl walking by slowly to her desk running her hand through her long hair and moving it away from her face to reveal this smile so warm and wonderful with these soft pinkish kissable lips and truly deep and delightful eyes. Her voice so soothing to hear even though I've heard nothing more than "hi". So now when I close my eyes to imagine a picture so wonderful I picture this girl that took my breath away.

Stilo will like to thank you for reading his poems. Come again so you can check out his new stuff.