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Poems of Sticks



G. Stokes

I never leave my house without my blue pen. So I can write down my emotions that I have that I want to turn into poems. My poems change since day one and my thoughts change every minute. So I write down my golden thoughts so I can share them with you. So the things I write I want you to read but also understand.



G. Stokes

In life, I heard you get your lifetime friends in college. Well since I'm not in college, I still think that these are my college years. I hope saying that isn't wrong, cause you are my friend, a very cool one I might add. Someone who is very unique, brown skin with blue eyes...scientist can't even figure that out. Boys who stood you up are playing themselves. I think I know why. Because they never seen such a beautiful lady quite like yourself.



G. Stokes

In your life at one time I felt that I as your everything, but now I don't have that feeling anymore. I feel that I'm half important. Of course your two boyfriends should come before me. I don't know what to think. My cousin said I shouldn't get to attached. I see why he says that now we would stay up late at night to keep each other company and because we didn't want to get off of the phone. Whenever I would hear teh word "Hi" come out of your mouth I would get excited. But now I hardly hear the word "Hi" out of your mouth. And when I get online and see you're name on there you don't say nothing to me. I mean you can call it whatever you want to, but its the principal of things. I don't know where are are friendship is going but I know as of now. I'm too invovled.



G. Stokes

I tried so many times to find the right girl, but I never hit gold. Its nothing but heartache after heartache. Not having a high school sweetheart, maybe is the cause of this lonieness. Lying in bed playing slow jams just thinking at the sametime crying. There's billions of girl out there! I guess I have bad luck, cause I always find the wrong one. The ones that do dirt and never think how I will feel afterwards. The ones that lied in my face. I'm through with girls even though our relationship lasted for a short while, the heartache doesn't go away.



G. Stokes

I want to know you for a good five or six years before I ask that questions which requires me to get down on one knee. Up and downs we have to go through, cause if we don't I won't be sure if you'll leave me or have my back. To being there by my side on the loniest nights, then in my arms on the most romantic nights. Someone who is not even an arm length away while the stars are bright. Me and you following the sunset all the way around the earth then lying on the Bahamas beaches having a heck of a wedding and a honeymoon that would last for a full month. My queen, my lady will get all this plus a king.



G. Stokes

Through your time in need or your time of pain. I will be here no matter if its sun or rain. Need a shoulder to cry on, then that's mine. In the middle of the day or the crack of midnight if you need me, all you have to do is call me.



G. Stokes

I would never wish bad on somebody, but when I saw you the first time in the 10th grade I knew you were gonna be mine in the end. For I was just a friend, I wanted to be more. I wanted to be that person to touch your lips. The one you gave a hug to that had passion attached to it. Your beauty spoke first, but your inside glowed on the outside. Your beautiful smile, you little snickers, the way you buttom lip stuck out there. I would hold you and your heart delicate. Keep you warm in my arms and step up ANYTHING that threatens or goes near threatening you. Special K, you're my baby, my everything the love of my life, we laughed at our good times and cried at our bad times. I would put you first before me always. I would die for you, I love you now and I'll lose you when all the bloods is out of my veins. No matter how many mistakes you make, my love for you will always be here.



G. Stokes

I wanna laugh with you, joke with you, make you feel comfortable when you're around me. Either laser tagging or just playing a board game. Spending time with you is something I wouldn't mind doing everyday. Your personality is a definite plus. I must be lucky to have met you, because your incrediable beauty endues a wonderful personality I haven't had a fun time since I have been out of high school, but maybe you can that. If I had a chance to change anything about you. I wouldn't cause I like my "sugar lumb" the way you are. oochies.



" 5, 7...10, 11"

Let me just relax. 5 and 7 was sitting at IHOP thinking about 10 and 11. Just wondering about them and thinking back when 5 held 10 in his arms and when 7 would caress 11's skin. One thought sparked a conversation that would last for more than 40 minutes. Just thinking about how "Just a Joke" was played and the awesome first date. Now 5 and 7 is throwing around "Ifs" and "I wonders" I came to an conclusion and it would put an end to the "Ifs" and "I wonders". Call them is my answer.



G. Stokes

Right now I'm dealing with massive stress in my life. I got a job, but I'm getting a messly $5,45 for cleaning theatres. I need something better, so this shit can get better. Things that most 18 year olds have, I don't have. A car is one, my uncle took my car away from me that my cousin said I could have. Man this shit is depressing, not going to school cause I don't wanna get taught nothing for the next four years. And the only thing in my pockets are nothing but lint. Finical aid I don't need, cause at the end I'ma have to pay that shit right back. I don't have a steady girlfriend that I can call my own, like most do. All I have is this dream becoming famous through my writing. If my dream comes true, than happiness will follow. With that right there its telling all my x friends, x girls and people who doubted that I wouldn't amoutn to nothing. Fuck themselves. They could have made it up with me, but life is life and we go through situations for a reason. Maybe I could avoid some of these problems, but then again I don't think I could. Cause its not me whose changing its them that's done the changing. My dream I will achieve, my goal to be famous...I will definitely see...just look with your own eyes.



G. Stokes

All of the lies you fed to me, I took them and ate them. My head must have been in the clouds so high that I ran out of oxygen. Because now that I look back, all those sorry excuses you mdae up, were so stupid. And just like me, I wouldn't hold on nothing against you, I would just take you back one after another. But that's all changed, when I let the rain drops hit my eyes lids undercovering the bullshit lies you feed to me, like a grown feeds a child. Never again will this happen with you. With me, your game is over. Please don't play again, cause if you do, guess who will have all of the fun.



G. Stokes

I just got home from work and its a friday night...took my shower so I could smell fresh. Nothing to do, so I throw on some sweats and a sweat shirt and just chilled on the couch. Flipping through the cable channels to find out there's nothing on television...dial up a couple of friends to find out that there's day is already filled. Feeling down...but I won't let it get to me...I throw in a movie that has a lot of laughs...but it does nothing for me. So I turn off the television completely and tune into the radio station...after a while it gets boring hearing the same songs over and over again. So I decide to head to bed early...since everything I felt wasn't exciting me. While in my bed...I toss and turn trying to get to sleep. But I get up and a bright screen is on my brown face...I turned on my computer and went to the chat room.



G. Stokes

The weather is getting hotter, which can mean only one thing...summertime is near. Even though people's tempers are flaring then, but many good things come from that. Like spring time sports, hot days at the beach with girls who is wearing very little. Illegal car racing and cookouts...which everybody loves. So enjoy the hot weather and everything.



G. Stokes

I'm back down to basic. Got a pen and an old notebook. Just got finish flipping through and reading the old work. I came across my one book which I only wrote in it. I flipped to the last page to find a poem by an old classmate. She titled it "Remember..." I read it once and I can read it a thousands of times. She was remembering her boyfriend back in Hawaii and telling him that she will never forget the memories they had together. Well while I was reading how she remembered her boyfriend, I was remembering all the times we had together. How we laughed during lunch, chit chatted in the hallways and sweated after dancing four reagge songs straight at the prom. You're a sweet person and I hope you're back with taht special one you were talking about in the poem and making some new moments to remember.


"8 Mile"

G. Stokes

1 Mile to get some gas

2 Miles to get to your house

3 Miles to get to the resturant

4 Miles to get to the mall to take some pictures

5 Miles to get to the movie

6 Miles to get to the romantic spot on the beach

7 Miles to get you back to your town

8 Miles to get you home



G. Stokes

me and you just chilling. maybe a movie, maybe just walking around my block. chilling in my room catching a movie. me tickling you and you tickling me. our hands touching each other, while we walk through the mall. our lips touching as we sit in the picture booth. us fighting over the pictures afterwards. me picking you up to show romance. maybe this, maybe that. i wonder what we will do.



G. Stokes

Silly of me, to take you seriously. Just like most girls I meet, I let you in my heart. I'm thinking we're getting far, but we haven't even gotten far at all. You say, you miss me, but I don't get a call. Stressing out all day, you're constanely running through my head. You're driving me to drinking, while I'm in my bed. A relationship runs on a two way street, so far this has been a one way road. And ever since that one night you said something to make me wake up. Never again will I press your numbers, since it seems like you don't want to talk to me. So why should I call you? If I did, that will make me look foolish, dumb and crazy. Never will you hear these words come out of my mouth...please take me back. In this relationship, somebody made a big mistake...I'll let you think who made the mistake.



G. Stokes

Everyday is like paradise. Paradise, like LL Cool J describes it. Waking up next to you every morning. Cuddling next to you, every moment I get. Kissing you all over and the best thing is calling you MINE!! Opening my heart again up to the world and I feel that I'm opening up my wounded heart to the perfect person. Many time you hear people ask could you fall in love with first sight. I would say yes, but now I can speak off of experience. I fell in love with someone's personality. A very close friend she is to me. If I was selling drugs, she would make me trade my drug life in. I would give her last piece of food, that's how much I care about her. I wouldn't want her to change one bit, nothing at all. I love the way she is. I love everything about her. And living with her, I know it will be paradise. Having fun playing around while were suppose to be cooking dinner, you would find us throwing flower on each other. While she's washing dishes I would kiss her on her neck and make her weak in her knees. The best thing about being heart broken, is falling in love with another person who has been heart broken too. A black couple we would be, something like Will and Jada but we'll be on a higher level. She's my brown sugar, my everything, my queen, MY PARADISE!



G. Stokes

We kissed, cuddled and talked. Hugged, pecked and lied in the bed together. Your head on mine chest, my back. Your body in my arms while we sat out on the couch together in the dark. Our lips touch more then once and our tongues twist with passion. While I was smelling and kissing your neck, I'm just wishing that I was your boyfriend so I could kiss you with no boundaries. My fantasies of you and me, would be no more. The things I dream, I can try. The last thing you will do while you're with me is cry.



G. Stokes

Riding around in my car with the windows down listening to some old school music. Looking at how the city has changed since I was little...remembering what was in its original place before they went out of business and got tooken over by another company. Revisiting my old elementary school...swing from the jungle jim and doing a bellyflop off of the top bar...I laugh because most of my burses came from trying that move. Go back to the old neighborhood where the younger years of my life was spent...passing each house I think of the person who lived there and all of the memories I have of that person. The very first basketball court that I ever touched was behind my house. The little park we called had orange swings...the twisty slide just had a slide. The big park...had swings on both sides with a big slide. The red and yellow park...had everything even the pissy slide, who could forget that. The way I talk about it you would think its still there, but its gone...nothing but field is there now. Bay, Ron, Mike, Lil Jeff, Giovanni, Perry, Terry and David is most of the boys I hung around with. Playing cops and robbers on bikes and swimming in the little know the one you can just put your foot on and the water just comes running out of it. That and water gun fights is how we stayed cool through the summer. Flipping through the old photo albums that I collected through the years...seeing all the hairdos...from the box to the braids and now the fresh low cut. Events like winter school concerts to field days to field trips out of the town to a farm. Proms...homecoming, crushes and ex-girlfriends all this thoughts are flying through my head. Its like when I'm not thinking about these memories it feels like I'm gone...but when I'm thinking about these things...its feels like I'm home sweet home.



G. Stokes

You're trying to figure me out, why? You'll never understand me, I'm on a higher level than you. When we're at school and you pass in the halls and say nothing. You saw me, but didn't speak what's up with that? Its like I'm adding two plus two and it equals sixteen, it doesn't make sense. Its like you want me to take sometime out of my life and give it to you, but in return you can't do that for me. Never that ma. And that past sunday you was foul! Saying that stuff after what we did on saturday! Okay, I'm going to get beat up, alright. You see, we tried things your way. Now tis my way. You know of me, you don't know me.



G. Stokes

Everyday I wish I was rich. The ice, cars, ladies I'll push that to the side. I see you living the life that looks hard through my eyes, but to you it might be easy. Pushing that babygirl everywhere you go through spring, summer, fall and winter. For you are not the baby's mother, you're the strong baby's grandmother. We never held a conversation before and I don't know you from the next person. My and mind are set out on you. Once I get that money there's only one question I have to ask you, "What kind of car do you want?"



G. Stokes

I don't get it. You like me and I like you. So what's holding you back? You say that I do things that your first love has never done. So what's holding you back? Is it your ex? He can't compare to me. So what's holding you back? You know that I'm different from all these other guys. So what's holding you back? And the things I do for you is to show you that I really care. So what's holding you back? The slow jam tape, the poem with a rose while you was on the clock, plus more and I'm just a friend. So what's holding you back? But I got to say goodbye you took to long. Its time to move on. You had a good thing in front of your face but now its gone.



G. Stokes

You were a BIG part in my life, but you were only there for a short time. A special night we'd shared that either of us would forget. Some would say, "you're not ready!", when I was going to propose to you. They were right, I'm not ready for marriage, the only reason I thought that was because you treated me right, we clicked and I never clicked with nobody else that way before. You were the milestone of my life, I can't tell the futre but for right now in life you are.


G. Stokes

4 months and counting you have been gone. What you wanted to be remembered by, is how everybody remembers you. Kind-hearted, nice and last but not least streets but sweet. People who didn't even know you, knew you was an angel. Rock da boat video turned out wonderful they caught glimspes of you that will be inbeaded in everybodies mind for as long as they live. For all the holidays you missed, happy thanksgiving, merry christmas and happy new year's! For today is a special day, its your 23rd birthday! Happy birthday to you, as the days go on I'll pass on your name. May you rest in peace babygirl, until next time...Goodnight.




G. Stokes

I and me on a boat, not just any boat and not just anywhere. We're sailing the smooth waters of Italy in one of those romantic boats. As the sailer harmonize your favorite song, we sit there eating by candle light. As we finish our big plate of pasta including Italian bread we sip on one of the best wines. Once finished we intake some of the best orange sherbet chesscake.


"CARMEN 2001"

G. Stokes

I wanna fine girl like Mya, sexy girl like Amil, sex apeal like Aaliyah that has me going insain. A voice like Babygirl, corn rolls like Alicia Keys. Cute smile with dipples like Halle B. Morvado watch wear rocking ginbuan jeans, those slim chicks that be slipping into parasuco's jeans. Calvin Klein models, that'll put Tommy Hilfiger girls to shame. A girl like Lil Kim, who get this place jumping, throw Foxy Brown into this mix and you're sure to get something, white nike dc wearing chick, like my homegirl J.Lo. A fast and furious girl like Ms Marion Jones, put 3LW together and you'll get a woman with cat eyes like Beyounce. French mixed with some black like Garcelle Beauves, my hip-hop chick now how would that be?



G. Stokes

A relationship that was short. You were my friend's girlfriends sister. And I must say, you had it going on. From the lips to the hips and everything between. Sexy smile with a beautiful voice. I had saw you from afar and told my friend to hook it up and he did. We wrote letters back and forth at first before you knew what I look liked. Just to see where your head was. It was on tight. I still remember putting my jacket over your arms when we stayed after school. And walking you all the way home just to run back from da hole to the View. To me you're rememberd as a time. I don't know why, but you are. Gossip was this relationship breakup. So sad I just wonder what we could have been.



G. Stokes

Like flowers you all come in different shades like a rainbow. The most beautiful thing I have seen since I have been on this place called earth. You're the backbone, in a strong relationship. You nurish the baby that's in your womb and at teh same time you can handle everything that's thrown your way. Your patients is at a very high level and your emotional level is stronger than anybody builder. No other has it harder then you, but you still smile while the rain is pouring down on you. You give off a warm feeling that makes us feel stable. In your womb, isn't just a baby. Its a special baby, a black baby that was made out of love that two shared. You are a black female and us are the black male. Without you they'll be no us. So stand tall and proud and celebrate black history month.



G. Stokes

Even though you're far, you're still in my heart.

Even though we fight, you're still in my heart.

Even though you cheated on me, you're still in my heart.

Even though it seemed like you wanted me out of your life, you're still in my heart.

Even though we don't talk as much as we use to, you're still in my heart.

Even though you called me some things I don't like to be called, you're still in my heart.

Even though you can't talk about your problems with me, you're still in my heart.

Even though you were here one day and disappeared the next day, you're still in my heart.

EVen though you tell me lies time after time, you're still in my heart.

EVen though you say you're going call and don't, you're still in my heart.

Even though when it was just me and you, you would talk about other boys, you're still in my heart.

Even though you say you're going to send something and it doesn't show up at my house within three months later, you're still in my heart.

So it looks like, you're still in my heart no matter what.




G. Stokes

One word describes you.


From your soft looking smooth skin...

I have to say looking,...

because I never felt your skin before.

The way your dimles show,...

when you crack a laugh...


when you want to flash that beautiful smile.

You're a little older then me,...

but that's okay,...

because I'm mature for my age.

I want to get to know you better,...

but I don't know how.

But when I do think of something I'll persue.




G. Stokes

From the day I met Romeo... there was Juliet. Through the three era's... the monogoose... the blue probe... to the red sunfire named Marie. I know no couple is perfect, but y'all are right there. Through the agruments, he loves her and she loves him. He'll lie for her, kill for her, die for her. She'll do the same for her Romeo. They're like a Williams Shakespeare's piece...PRICELESS



G. Stokes

Somehow the bottle of cologne bust, now I'm out here by myself. When I do know if I'm lucky or if I know it true? Living the single life trying to find somebody that I can call mine. A girl that's like me, somebody that's down-to-earth, no clubbing girl. A girl that likes me for me, and not my money. A girl I can catch a movie with, cuddle with, joke with. I should buy another bottle of that cologne...if I do that, I'll just catch the same heart breaking girls like before, so no. They're gonna like me, and the scent they're gonna smell is...personality.



G. Stokes

Are you ready? Are you ready for the game of love? First they met, smiles exchanged. Thoughts in his head are... this girl is sexy! Thoughts in her head are... this guy is fine! They spend more and more time together, either at school or just passing by each other's house. The next thing you know, they're holding hands walking down the school's hallway letting everybody know that its just him and her. Hit up a couple of dates, A couple of kisses, A couple of mintues of... hlding each other. One person likes the other more, then the other person likes them. Distances comes in, either somebody else or just being too busy to spend time with your mate. The next time you speak to them, they lay it on you. They speak their mind and now him and her aren't speaking no more. The heart involves emotions, and emotions are hurt, so that means the heart. The bestest of friends, him and her were, but since they played the game of love they aren't cool no more.




G. Stokes

The joys of autumn,

brings my heart to a stop.

The most romantic season of the year.

The best time to date,

the weather is perfect.

Not to hot or not to cold.

The different shades of brown,

shows its wide range of beauty.

From jumping into the leaves,

to a wonderful evening with one

that is special.

Autumn has wonderful joys.

The weather,


and just the atmosphere.

Get out there

and just enjoy

the joys.



G. Stokes

I couldn't believe my eyes when you said that your previous boys treated you like a servant. They must've been toys or they must not know how to treat somebody as pretty as you like a queen. Holding hands on the beach while we are taking long walks, talking to you til the wee hours of the night. Making you smile every chance I get and making you laugh and giggle when I tickle thee. You 5'6 brown beauty queen would fit perfectly in my arms, my chin would be on the top of your head. As we hug, I whisper sweet nothings in your ear and smell your scent at the same time. As the cool wind blows, I would hold you more tighter to keep you warm. When you're hungry I'll feed you your favorites, when you're sick I'll nurse you back to health and when you want to hear a story I'll tell you where I want to see me and you in the future.




G. Stokes

Lies after lies, cries after cries. The previous boys played with you like toys, dumping you for some youngering brods. Immature they were, being serious they never did. Playing you like everything is good, then the next thing you know everything went down. They hurt your emotions and feelings, making you not date anymore which makes me mad. Making a lovely glass heart just break. Making the after affects just ache.


If you were mine, I'll treat you nice and soft like baking a cake. Coming home from the theatre, I'll massage away your aches. Talking to you whenever and where ever, in your dreams - by your side - on the phone over the instant messager. Lying by your side looking you straight in your eyes, making you look away and crack a big smile. Toys is nothing I'll treat you like, a queen is something I'll always treat you like.




G. Stokes

Look girl. I'm sorry for all the things I did in the past. From not showing you more emotions and affections. Now I can honestly say that this relationship has been on one shoulder most of the time. With me at home waiting for you to come home from the girls night out that's held like everynight. In the beginning of this, it was oh so sweet, but now, its not even close to sweet. I fully remember that time I caught you at the mall by surprise, you were all in some guy's face. I didn't like it, so I walked up to you and asked you what the fuck was up. You looked at me like I was crazy - nothing, but you tell all of your friends that we are more than something. You know I could have made you look like a fool out there, but I didn't cause I love you and care about your feelings to much. Sometimes you make me so mad I just break down and cry. And when we fight, it feels like a big and special part of me just died. Two days later after the mall, I blew up your two way and your phone and you didn't call or even came home. Now I'm just guessing at four in the morning where the hell could you be at, which boy you done ran after now. Girl I stopped my life, I haven't been to work in two days, since you haven't been home in two days. This is killin me, that I don't know where you are, right now all the fights we had I just want to forget all of them and have you right here by my side. Six in the morning I get woke up by a call saying, that you were found dead in an alley in the bad part of town. My maddess turned into rage, and I started to throw pillows around and punch holes in walls. And the only thing I can think of was the last time I saw you, it was at the mall. Its my fault, that you ended up in this situation, I should have pulled you away from that boy if I did that, would things be different then they are now? Our only child Kima is missing her mom, and I'm missing my wife. If I could have one wish, I wish you back in my life.




G. Stokes

Your voice is very delicate, I can tell just by looking at you. Your personality is very tranquil that has no lumps. You carry yourself like a woman, which makes me more interested to get to know you. Behind your cheeks you embrace a exquisite delightful smile.




G. Stokes

For I do not have the tremendous muscle like others, but if I have to fight for you, that's just smoething I have to do. At the end it doesn't matter if I win or lose the most important thing is I fought for you. As long as I take up for my girl, whish is you there shouldn't be a problem.



G. Stokes

A girl with smooth soft skin and big brown eyes. Pretty girl with an attachable smile. I never seen her frown and I'm hoping I won't have to. She carries herself with respect. Rocks nothing but gold and designer clothes. Our eyes have connected more then once, but our words never connected, not even once. To the block 5 girl...I got my eye on you.



G. Stokes

What we use to have is over now. We both know that we are just friends now. But when we had a relationship its like you took me for a joke. But now I'm with someone who said something that you couldn't, you're just jealous of her. And now you see what you DID have, and you want me back. But you noticed a little to late.



G. Stokes

It was dark in the theatre, the only light that shined was from the movie screen. My friend and I came with but we all splitted up all over the theatre. The place was packed but there was a vacant seat right next to me. You spilled in late making a big enterance or atleast to me. Your thin hair came a quater length pass your shoulders. I said please let her sit next to me atleast 12 times in my head. And what do you know you sat next to me, making my night more exciting. We commented on the movie back and forth, I knew you were digging me, cause I was digging you. Somehow my arm got around your shoulder and we were cuddled up like we was at home. We may not be the same race or wore the same shirt, but we did have on the same shoes.



G. Stokes

To me you're more than a friend, that other woman ain't a thing to me. Tonight when you come over to visit me I want you to be out of sight. The diamonds, pearls that ain't me. Don't worry I want call you a bitch. All the ladies say I'm a ladies man but I told you I'm not. Baby you don't know what you be doing to me. In the long run don't cry for me, last night was off the chain. And when you do come over I'm going to be a man.



G. Stokes

I remember the happy days like it was yesterday, when I was your sweetie and you were my baby. Us being together was like Voo Doo or it would only happen in the movies. My number 1 dream about me being with you became true. I was young in love and foolish. I had it bad. When you would say call back, I'll say what time? I was head over hills for you. Things seemed to be going too good, I felt scared, I felt that someone to rescue me from this fast lane. Before I knew it this girl was leaving me for no explainable reason. Since I experieced this heartache, I'll know for the next time I'll be unfoolish.



G. Stokes

For I could never turn back to yesterday. My friends of today are here to stay. My friends of yesterday let go and are far away. For if you tried to rekendul our friendship it will not be the same like before. The bad moments of yesterday are fresh and are here to stay. So why have you in my present if things aren't going to be the same? The things that once attached me to you as a friend are no longer there. For they say you need friends in life. So that enliminates you. You are from the past which means you forgot about me and you are far away. For my friends of today are here to stay.



G. Stokes

We shared a lot laughs, cries, and smiles.

We walked the same hallways in high school.

We chilled all the time at my locker during lunch.

We talked are problems out with each other, without sugar coding it.

The hugs, I'll always remember.

The tough love, I'll never forget.

Even though we didn't go out in high school, you were my high school sweetheart.

Friends for three years going on four, but we'll always be friends for the rest of our lives.

I remember the first day the you walked into each other lives,

and I remember the last time I saw you, but I just hope it wasn't.

One thing about my friend and I we had love for each other that went deep.




G. Stokes

It was a nice sunny breezy sunday the two previous days before that things were haywired. The scheduled me some different hours in the morning and I'll get off early. Now as I tell you this incident my relationship with one, was coming closer and closer as the days went on. Out of a seriousness level we ranked at a 3 out of a 5. We dip into every topic that a teens usually talks about. As the beautiful sunday went on, the clouds in the sky's began to change. The rays off the sun was behind the dark clouds. The time is now around eight, the time my friend was getting off. At that moment it began to rain and thunderstorm and even lighten. If I had a car, I would have picked her up. But things didn't work out that well as I planned. It started to rain harder and harder and the way she gets home is usually by a cab. I opened up my front door to look at God's tears. It was rainning so much that I won't even get out there myself. All of a sudden the phone rung and broke me out of my calm and quick daydream. I ran to the phone, I said "Hello" but all I heard was a tone. Just a couple of seconds after they called night back. I picked up the phone and yelled, "Listen, whoever this is..." I get interupted by a weak gentle female voice of my friend. She said slowly come quick, we just got into a accidents. "Let me get my things, I'll be down there in a few seconds." I grab my key and ran out with nothing but a tee-shirt and soem gray jogging pants. When I approached the scene it didn't look good. Survior of this crash is at a very, very low rate. But I praied to God that everything was going to be okay. I searched through the rubel, but heard no sounds of life. I searched faster throught the rebel until the cops got there that's when they had to pull me off. That when I saw my friend just lying there.


G. Stokes

The ride to the hospital was very quick, I held her hand and never thought of letting go of it. I know she's a live cause the baby is kicking inside. You see this is how the accident happen. The cab driver tried to aviod a reckless driver he rode up a tree, but you see that's not the end of the story. The monster truck behind them hit the reckless driver which sent the truck landing on the back end of the cab. Now I sit at her side still holding her hand and my other hand was on her stomach, which is where my baby lays. Every now and then the doctor would come up and check-up on me, this one time he asked about a premature birth. I said "Yeah, that will be good. That's the best thing to do." Next thing, I found myself looking into the operation room. I heard a noise then I looked left, it was an elderly couple who really needed my help. When I helped them it only took a couple of seconds. When I returned to the window the doctor was waiting, "Mr. Edwards, sorry to tell you, but their both gone."

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