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Poems of Dazzling

All poems were written by C. Moye, expected the ones noted.

  • I Want to Be With You 
  • Line 4 Line C. Moye & G. Stokes 
  • I'm Doing Better
  • A Glimpse
  • True Self C. Moye & G. Stokes
  • I
  • Fill Me


C. Moye


We never fuss, we never fight,

After all this time you still treat me right.

Don't know what I would do

If I had to be without you.

Showing me you really care,

No matter what, you're always there.

Loving me, always by my side,

You're where I run when I need to hide.

Always there when I call,

Always catching me when I fall.

Right with me when I heed,

Together I hope we'll always be.

There's so much joy that you bring,

Always doing romantic things.

Been there for me from the start,

With true love, you've touched my heart.

For awhile, you've been my friend,

If I could, I'd do it all over again.

Can you believe we're together now,

When people said no way, no how.

You're like a dream come true,

Forever I want to be with you.



C. Moye, G. Stokes 


I remember the other night, We had a real big fight. Something I meant, Something I didnt. I still want you to be a BIG part of my life, I dont want to let go but, things arent right. I know most of the times we fight, but Im trying to change. The more you change, it seems the same So what would you do? I dont know, I still want to be with you. And I want you to be with you. But, we gotta get things straight. Well then lets start to work things out slow. Okay, so how do we let the old go. Thats a start, like they say out with the old, in with the new. So was the problem my fault or yours. Yours, you know you had a man, but you still gave them your number, why? No, yours, you couldnt make a choice. When been going round and round for a while now.


C. Moye

Do you know what it's like to be in love? Feeling lost in an ocean oh so blue. Having one person to always think of, like starting a life all over anew. It's like awakening to a sweet dream and oh reliving a new sensation. It's like part of a spell or so it seems a very powerful incantation. And as I fall asleep at night and hope I remember to stop for you and pray. Oh I hope steadily upon my hope forever with me you promise to stay. So no matter what you're going through know that I will always be there for you. Is it really love, is it really lust? Can I really depend on you, is it you I trust? Isn't you that told me lies and tried to break my heart? But all throughout my silent cries I decided to get smart. You think that you can bring me down, because I'm not the same, but I realize without you I have everything.



C. Moye

You're like a powerful incantation, I'm locked under your magical spell. And in your open palm, Is where my heart dwells. In your arms, It's me that you hold. I feel like you embraced my soul. All of my favorite dreams come true, everytime I catch a glimpse of you. No one else can take the place, of the smile you put on my face. Every thought of you, my heart soars above. Only because its you I'm thinking of.



C. Moye & G. Stokes

Baby it's you and no one else, that helped me to discover my true self. Now I know why I waited so long. I wanted everything to be right, not able to go wrong. I can't hold it any longer, it's my only wish. All I want from you is a simple kiss.

My only wish too, is just for a simple kiss too. A relationship to - follow, that we can share that's hopefully not hollow. Our relationship gets deeper as the days go on and on, and it's only you that turns me on. It's okay to be wrong, we're taking it slow, making sure that we get all the bumps out the road. You made me open up my heart, that's been closed for years. You made me discover my true self.



C. Moye

I'd write your name across the sky and only for you I will die. And only for you I'd come back again if you'd just give me your hand. At night as I lay me down to sleep, I cry from the joy you bring me, and with a dream in my heart I pray to God we never part, when two roads, divereged in a yellow wood. It was by your side I stood. And as they bent in the undergrowth you have forever filled me with hope the only one I want is you and the only thing I want to do. And that is telling you my feelings I can no longer hide. Forever I want to stay by your side.



C. Moye

Your love is like the deepest sea, It swallowed me up and set me free. I put hope in you, Instill faith in me. With only you, Is where I want to be. For you I'll fight till the dawn, Whether I'm right or wrong. Fill me with strength, fill me with love. Fill me with dreams, from heavens above. My heart is chasted with many feelings. All for you, with deep meaning. Your love is like, the deepest sea. It swallowed me up and set me free.

Dazzling will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.