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Poems of Sticks

All poems were written by G. Stokes, except the ones noted.

  • I Wanna   
  • If I   
  • Six Lines   
  • The Infamous One   
  • Roses Are...  
  • Nothing More   
  • Still In My Heart  
  • My Friend and I  
  • Coca Brown
  • Different Feelings 
  • The Joys
  • My Condolences
  • J to the A
  • Game of Love
  • Her Romeo...His Juliet
  • That Note
  • Your Name Is...
  • A Bottle of Cologne 2002
  • My Wife


G. Stokes

You don't have to turn and talk to anyone else, the one whose your friend and someone who has your heart is right here and I'm not going no where. You know you can talk to me about anything no matter what it is. I wanna hear your voice, hear your laughs, hear your giggles. I wanna touch your hair, I wanna feel your smooth skin, I want my lips to touch yours. I want to see your eyes, when the sun shines off of them. I wanna see your eyes, when the stars sparkle off of them. I wanna see your eyes, when you get up first thing in the morning. I wanna see your eyes when you close them for the night. I wanna be the last person


"IF I"

G. Stokes


if i gave you a flower would you keep it in a book that you hold dearly to you? if i gave you a picture, would you put it with the stuff that's important to your life? if i wrote you a poem, would you print it out and tape it up to your bed post, so everytime you looked at it you would smile? if everything you are looking for in a guy is in me, would you talk to me?



G. Stokes

Lies after lies, cries after cries. The previous boys played with you like toys, dumping you for some youngering brods. Immature they were, being serious they never did. Playing you like everything is good, then the next thing you know everything went down. They hurt your emotions and feelings, making you not date anymore which makes me mad. Making a lovely glass heart just break. Making the after affects just ache.


If you were mine, I'll treat you nice and soft like baking a cake. Coming home from the theatre, I'll massage away your aches. Talking to you whenever and where ever, in your dreams - by your side - on the phone over the instant messager. Lying by your side looking you straight in your eyes, making you look away and crack a big smile. Toys is nothing I'll treat you like, a queen is something I'll always treat you like.



G. Stokes

I couldn't believe my eyes when you said that your previous boys treated you like a servant. They must've been toys or they must not know how to treat somebody as pretty as you like a queen. Holding hands on the beach while we are taking long walks, talking to you til the wee hours of the night. Making you smile every chance I get and making you laugh and giggle when I tickle thee. You 5'6 brown beauty queen would fit perfectly in my arms, my chin would be on the top of your head. As we hug, I whisper sweet nothings in your ear and smell your scent at the same time. As the cool wind blows, I would hold you more tighter to keep you warm. When you're hungry I'll feed you your favorites, when you're sick I'll nurse you back to health and when you want to hear a story I'll tell you where I want to see me and you in the future.



G. Stokes

Roses are red, Violets are blue. I never met someone quite like you. The sun feeds energy to the moon, so it can shine and hopefully one day I can call you mine. You're small like a tulip, but you have a blossoming personality. You're bright like a yellow flower, but exotic like the ones you can only find deep in a jungle somewhere. You're not a rose, a violet, tulip or a yellow flower. You're my sweetie boo.



G. Stokes


I would make your darkest days turn to shine and i wish that you weren't his, but you were mine. The smile on your face will always stay, its like opening your gifts up on christmas day. Like the colors of a rainbow leading to the pot of gold, you're treasure and should be treated good forever. When we're together and you get tired i'll lie you down in a bed softer than roses and compose sweet kisses to your neck and your soft lips. While my hands go up and down your hips like an eclipse, i'll be in complete bliss. The only thing that can bring me back to life is something that feels good... feels so feels so good i can't explain. A hug from you, containing love is all that i need. Nothing more.



G. Stokes


Even though you're far, you're still in my heart.

Even though we fight, you're still in my heart.

Even though you cheated on me, you're still in my heart.

Even though it seemed like you wanted me out of your life, you're still in my heart.

Even though we don't talk as much as we use to, you're still in my heart.

Even though you called me some things I don't like to be called, you're still in my heart.

Even though you can't talk about your problems with me, you're still in my heart.

Even though you were here one day and disappeared the next day, you're still in my heart.

EVen though you tell me lies time after time, you're still in my heart.

EVen though you say you're going call and don't, you're still in my heart.

Even though when it was just me and you, you would talk about other boys, you're still in my heart.

Even though you say you're going to send something and it doesn't show up at my house within three months later, you're still in my heart.

So it looks like, you're still in my heart no matter what.



G. Stokes


We shared a lot laughs, cries, and smiles.

We walked the same hallways in high school.

We chilled all the time at my locker during lunch.

We talked are problems out with each other, without sugar coding it.

The hugs, I'll always remember.

The tough love, I'll never forget.

Even though we didn't go out in high school, you were my high school sweetheart.

Friends for three years going on four, but we'll always be friends for the rest of our lives.

I remember the first day the you walked into each other lives,

and I remember the last time I saw you, but I just hope it wasn't.

One thing about my friend and I we had love for each other that went deep.



G. Stokes


One word describes you.


From your soft looking smooth skin...

I have to say looking,...

because I never felt your skin before.

The way your dimles show,...

when you crack a laugh...


when you want to flash that beautiful smile.

You're a little older then me,...

but that's okay,...

because I'm mature for my age.

I want to get to know you better,...

but I don't know how.

But when I do think of something I'll persue.



G. Stokes


It was suppose to be an eventful night,

but it turned out not to be.

A surprise visit from 80 miles,

turned out to be a surprise,

but not for the right person.

That night,

I found out how important

I was to someone.

I found out that...

I wasn't that important to her.

If she would have drove 80 miles...

to come see me,

I would have dropped my plans for her.

But I see people have different feelings,

then what they say.



G. Stokes


The joys of autumn,

brings my heart to a stop.

The most romantic season of the year.

The best time to date,

the weather is perfect.

Not to hot or not to cold.

The different shades of brown,

shows its wide range of beauty.

From jumping into the leaves,

to a wonderful evening with one

that is special.

Autumn has wonderful joys.

The weather,


and just the atmosphere.

Get out there

and just enjoy

the joys.



G. Stokes


If I could be there,

that day would be today.

So y'all can be weak,

and I can be

your strong person.

The shoulder you cry on,

the person you grab tight,

I would be him.

People are brought into people's live everyday,

as a friend or a brand new baby.

No matter which one they are,

they will leave footprints in your heart


My she rest in peace.

She's in heaven now with the angels.


G. Stokes


A glow came over my body,

when I saw your face.

A chill went up my spine,

when I heard your familiar voice.

Haven't seen you in ages,

wants me to hug you tight and never let go.

You were never a girlfriend,

but just a close friend.

Your scent is still on my shirt,

from when we hugged.

You never changed your personality,

that's what I like about you.

Always smiling,

always laughing.

I just hope to run into you more often

in the years to come.

Be safe,

J to the A.



G. Stokes


Are you ready? Are you ready for the game of love? First they met, smiles exchanged. Thoughts in his head are... this girl is sexy! Thoughts in her head are... this guy is fine! They spend more and more time together, either at school or just passing by each other's house. The next thing you know, they're holding hands walking down the school's hallway letting everybody know that its just him and her. Hit up a couple of dates, A couple of kisses, A couple of mintues of... hlding each other. One person likes the other more, then the other person likes them. Distances comes in, either somebody else or just being too busy to spend time with your mate. The next time you speak to them, they lay it on you. They speak their mind and now him and her aren't speaking no more. The heart involves emotions, and emotions are hurt, so that means the heart. The bestest of friends, him and her were, but since they played the game of love they aren't cool no more.



G. Stokes


From the day I met Romeo... there was Juliet. Through the three era's... the monogoose... the blue probe... to the red sunfire named Marie. I know no couple is perfect, but y'all are right there. Through the agruments, he loves her and she loves him. He'll lie for her, kill for her, die for her. She'll do the same for her Romeo. They're like a Williams Shakespeare's piece...PRICELESS



G. Stokes


A single note that smooths my soul and takes me to a place that nobody goes. The sound you make should be kept in a jewerly box, so everybody around the world can hear, this beautiful note you sing. I can't think of any other song or sound that sounds better than you. I'm gonna keep you close, so whenever I'm feeling down I would just play that part and let it take me away.



G. Stokes


While my friends are gone, you're here. Through the valley, through the dark streets at night, you keep me safe without using any weapons, but your mind. You made a purpose for my life, and I'm out trying to find out what that purpose is. You're my friend that I know, that I will have for my whole lifetime. Your name savior.



G. Stokes


Somehow the bottle of cologne bust, now I'm out here by myself. When I do know if I'm lucky or if I know it true? Living the single life trying to find somebody that I can call mine. A girl that's like me, somebody that's down-to-earth, no clubbing girl. A girl that likes me for me, and not my money. A girl I can catch a movie with, cuddle with, joke with. I should buy another bottle of that cologne...if I do that, I'll just catch the same heart breaking girls like before, so no. They're gonna like me, and the scent they're gonna smell is...personality.



G. Stokes


Look girl. I'm sorry for all the things I did in the past. From not showing you more emotions and affections. Now I can honestly say that this relationship has been on one shoulder most of the time. With me at home waiting for you to come home from the girls night out that's held like everynight. In the beginning of this, it was oh so sweet, but now, its not even close to sweet. I fully remember that time I caught you at the mall by surprise, you were all in some guy's face. I didn't like it, so I walked up to you and asked you what the fuck was up. You looked at me like I was crazy - nothing, but you tell all of your friends that we are more than something. You know I could have made you look like a fool out there, but I didn't cause I love you and care about your feelings to much. Sometimes you make me so mad I just break down and cry. And when we fight, it feels like a big and special part of me just died. Two days later after the mall, I blew up your two way and your phone and you didn't call or even came home. Now I'm just guessing at four in the morning where the hell could you be at, which boy you done ran after now. Girl I stopped my life, I haven't been to work in two days, since you haven't been home in two days. This is killin me, that I don't know where you are, right now all the fights we had I just want to forget all of them and have you right here by my side. Six in the morning I get woke up by a call saying, that you were found dead in an alley in the bad part of town. My maddess turned into rage, and I started to throw pillows around and punch holes in walls. And the only thing I can think of was the last time I saw you, it was at the mall. Its my fault, that you ended up in this situation, I should have pulled you away from that boy if I did that, would things be different then they are now? Our only child Kima is missing her mom, and I'm missing my wife. If I could have one wish, I wish you back in my life.

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