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Sticks Poembook "Blood In My Eye"
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Sticks Poembook "Blood In My Eye"
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Poems of Sticks




BOOK INFO...this one came unexpectedlyI had a few poems left over from the Instant Poetry, Conversations With Myself era. So I just added them up here. When Ja Rules cd came out, I was like this is a cool title. So I brought the cd and on the insert he has like this big eye and in this eye theres a lot of different bad things in there. So I thought it would be cool to write about different things. Now this is the realest one I made. Theres no love poems up here. These are the raw knuckle poems.






G. Stokes Jr.


Its been a while, but look whose back!


Its time for me to regain my empire/ I have the crown on my head to show my power/ enough said/ Ima drop my lyrics on yall at the top of each hour/ Ima bring pain/ like yall had cuts/ and yall are taking alcohol showers/ the world is spinnin/ faster than a pair of spreewheels/ the world is changing/ but Im staying the same/ Ima just bringing new messages to my game/ Ive been gone for a while/ but Ive been doin my thing/ one pen/ with a lot of notebooks/ I never went to college/ but I got madd knowledge/ through the year we encountered/ life/ death/ joy and pain/ keep on reading/ and youll see why/ I have blood in my eye.



BLOOD IN MY EYE INTRO this one was my opening so it had to be hot. Something to catch your ears.






G. Stokes Jr.


Waking up everyday facing a strugglenot really a struggle but not really a obstacle either. Waking up black skinned is a blessing. Though back in history we had it hard and badthat was our hard times and ahead is nothing but peace and respect. But as of right now our struggle still standswhich is to get equality. So I wake up everyday to overcome ALL the things that many people say I cant do. So when you raise your black fist Ill be behind you 100%.



THE STRUGGLE I wrote this one on the bus back in June 03. I just wanted to write and this is what came out.





G. Stokes Jr.


Everyday I wake up wondering where my life is going, its crazy. I have thoughts of me being successful, but I look around me and I dont see nothing happening. Have the same clothes on my back since grade school. So many times I just wanted to say forget the riches and forever live with a roommate. To many obstacles to climb. This hill Im climbing is hard cause Im pushing a rock up hill and Im small! If I were to face the world I would get ate up.

So many times I feel like this, but I made a promise to one that I will be successful and I dont break promises. Were both looking at each other, me looking up and you looking down. Youre the reason why I grind hard and never give up. Rest In Peace J. N. F.



WHAT I FACE Everything I wrote in this poem is true. I do feel like this sometimes. Everybody thinks negative, even thought they dont want to.





G. Stokes Jr.


Yall are about to feel some heat


Ima start it off real easy/ then just attack at the end/ youall thought I was a joke/ till I came out/ with this shit right here/ Im like nas/ I have a poetic mind/ though I dont smoke the sticks/ or smoke the weed/ ever since I came out/ bitches wanna be like me/ they can keep trying/ cause theyll never touch me/ they can try/ to take a page/ out of my book of life/ duplicate it/ and try to live my life/ but they still wont be me/ you think ahead/ but Im an Aquarius/ so I think 10 times ahead of you/ so what youre doing now/ I done did that/ I see you looking over my shoulder/ trying to figure my next move/ you can be twins/ looks the same/ but my mind is well tuned/ it takes me 3.5 seconds to split some hot flows/ if I spit it at your head/ youll be reaching down/ for your toes/ dont make me go into my bag of rhymes/ cause Im one of the illest niggas alive/ realest niggas alive/ and when Im dead my shit will still be alive!



SOME HEAT This is the last one I wrote, the title explains. I was kinda going for DEEP PT 2.





G. Stokes Jr.


Im not no saint or nothing, so my words arent always right. I just try to give you guidance and hopefully youll do right.


Whats up with this world? I mean the people in this world. Everyday is a hard enough struggle, then somebody wants to go kill a soul like that aint no trouble. We have girls becoming single baby mothers everyday cause nobody wants to step up to the responsibilities, what a punk. We have cops who have went bad and are no good to the justice system anymore. The world is getting broken apart by greed, jealousy, hate and envy. Many of our neighbors, brothers, mothers, sisters and fathers are getting killed for a country that doesnt care about them. Over in Iraq. We can wish as much as we can, but nothing is gonna change how the people in the world are.



THE WORLD Me talking to the people in the world.





G. Stokes Jr.


Listening to all these singers singing about the size of their rims and the bling bling they confuse youlike Adam & Eve and the snake in the tree. Quality music about issues that really mattereducationhousing. But whatever you do, dont listen to what I say. I dont want to confuse you on which to listen to. Just think are you learning something in your music.



READ BETWEEN THE MUSIC I had just brought the Talib Kwelis Quality cd and after I listened to it, I felt that the trees were greener. Like the colors of everything were brighter than before.





G. Stokes Jr.


I know its not just me that feels this way. Racism is still here in the soul and flesh. When something goes tragically wrong in a well class neighborhood they respond quickly. But when they are called out to our well-known black neighborhood they would take their time. Despite the class, us blacks are much better then what they say. Its so easily for us to turn around and do wrong, but we push forward each day caring out Kings and Xs beliefs. Even though its turning 2004 next two months racism and slavery is still here. White exatices trying to keep us out of high positions, so we cant call any shots. Trying to keep us out of the office, cause you know once we get in there, the whites will be shocked like they just saw a ghost. But the talk we shouldnt let us scare us, cause we all know that saying is trueonce you go black, youll never go back.



THE SAYING Basically telling you about whats holding back us blacks.






G. Stokes Jr.


My mind is deep/ like a blue sea/ with thoughts swimming through/ like fishes swim in the sea/ this is not the end/ this is only the beginning/ youll see/ my mind is focused/ if you only had one dollar/ beat it on me/ my mind is strong enough to part a small sea/ no/ dont turn your back to me/ cause Im the only thing you got/ and youre the only thing I have/ but if you do/ Im not gonna turn blue/ Ive been here before/ and if you test me/ youre gonna feel 114lbs of this boy/ even though Im small/ I do know how to brawl/ and my soul and my spirit/ are in my body/ so they cant be divided into two/ like a mother and a father going separated ways/ I wanna be like a bird and swimover the sea/ so I can see what life has to offer/ not just the things surrounding me.



DEEP Missy song Baby Girl Interlude (the song before Pass da Dutch video) inspired me to write some. Missy was spitting some knowledge and I wanted to do just that.





G. Stokes Jr.


It started off with one, then went to two, then another one was added to make it three. Later we added one more and made it a dynasty. Werent nobody grinding harder then we. Bookbag packing poets with pens as their M-16s. Me, Erik, Ryan and Tia made up Sticks P. We were always on the clock, we are full time poets. Not those two temp poets that they had on stage. Most dont know who Im talking about, but E knows who Im talking about. Just think E, we couldve rocked the show, blew the weave off of the girls and blew the tims off of the boys. We couldve been doing our thing, we couldve did the hits. We couldve rekindled the old flames or freestyled some shit. Its like Im Timbaland and your Magoo, an unbeatable team, if we were getting paid we couldve made some serious cream. 5, 7 and add a 3 & 18 were unstoppable, cant nobody be we.



CAN'T NOBODY BE WE This is to my cousin Erik. Im basically talking to him about a certain situation that we both went through.

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