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Poems of Nicole Ray

All poems were written by C. Lassiter, expected the ones noted.

  • Rain
  • Thoughts of Me
  • I Tired, You Tired
  • Born A Broken Heart, Died an Unloved Soul
  • Love Hatred


C. Lassiter


As I sit at the window

I watch the rain fall down

Slowly my emotions

Turn to sadness

Now that your sun

Doesn't shine on my anymore

Now that your knocks stopped

Coming at my door

Now that you left me for her

Now that your love

Seems like a curse

Now that our fairytale

Ends in black

Now that I feel

I can't get you back

Now that we ended

It was you who pretended



C. Lassiter


Thoughts of me,

Trying to understand you

Yet you push me away

Sometimes I wonder

If I was meant to be with you

Or if my heart just

Wanted to stay

Teardrops come from

Crying over you

But still you turn away

I urge myself to run to you

Still my heart calls your name

I close my eyes and take

A deep breath

As memories pass my mind

Trying to seek the love in you

The one that's hard to find




C. Lassiter


I tried,

To make you see what

I see.

I tried,

To make you feel how

I feel.

I tried,

To let you know what

I know.

I tried,

To make your gray sky blue.

You tried,

To bring out what

Was inside me.

You tried,

To let me know that

You loved me.

You tried,

To find out my fantasies.

You tried,

Because you thought we

Was meant to be.



C. Lassiter


Born a broken heart, died an unloved soul. Parents want their child to be married to the best one they can find. Love is hard to find and sometimes its just passes you right by. Now you're young and you have already been hurt and we all know that road is very hard to start. Now you know how it feels to be born a broken heart.

You've gotten older and still haven't found that special one. You sigh and you weep as you're thinking, "my life is about to be done." To be empty inside and you feel that you have no pride. As you know all is said and done although you still haven't met that special one. Your life is gone and you have no control, now you've died an unloved soul.



C. Lassiter


No one else has ever touched my heart like you have. No one has ever made promises to me like you. No one has ever hurt my heart like you have. Our hearts are together, so why are we apart? I love you, I hate the situation, I love you, I hate the memory, I love you, I hate the mistake you made, I love you.

Nicole Ray will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.