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Poems of Element

All poems were written by C. Perry, expected the ones noted.

  • What Is Love
  • Thinking
  • A Simple Crush
  • Norview High School Graduation of 2001
  • Untitled
  • Handicap
  • Let's Wait A While
  • The Highest, Most Exalted One, The Best: AALIYAH


C. Perry

Love, What is it? What does it stand for? How powerful is it? Does it come in many forms? Is it lust for someone? Does it involve emotions? Can it include strong affections? How does someone know when love strikes? Could it be when two couples stay together, Even after they fight? Love has many definitions What is LOVE, is the question How long would it be? Before the question has an answer


C. Perry

Every night I look up at the ceiling I see the stars glowing bright In a trance, I start to think. Will I see her tomorrow? I hope I see her tomorrow? PLEASE! Let me see her tomorrow If only a conversation will spark To see what we have in common If only I had the guts to speak Just to see if she would answer me Its hard to talk to someone so sweet Its hard to see someone so astonishing Especially looking up at the stars on the ceiling Just thinking, thinking, thinking.


C. Perry

I saw this girl walking in the hall As I thought in my mind Damn! She is fine I started to walk over to her To ask for her name and number But then I was hit With the power of shyness As it came to my attention A popular girl like her I always knew that we will never be together But in my heart I wanted us to be forever As the nights went by In my dreams she appear I tried to approach her But the power of shyness was so overwhelming. For four years straight We never shared a class As the school year is ending My feelings are fading fast And then I come to realize The feelings that I had Created a simple crush That my mind could not pass


C. Perry

School is almost at it end Graduation is closing in Picture are snapped in blue For those with honors A strip of gold too The halls of the view I will never walk down again My friends I will miss even more On that "Perfect Night" The time we shared together We laughed together We cried together Will always be remembered We will fly together Until the 13th day Our final flight will be Graduation Day So all my 2001 graduates please stand up


C. Perry

As years went by He never forgot her He wanted her heart But is was already taken So he wrote her letters In hope for a response And when that did not work He went to the next best thing Since computers is the way He sent her email everyday She never replied He became frustrated So he showered her with gifts And hope it would be appreciated Her heart began to change He knew he had a chance Finally on the next day They were so very gay A couple at last For at least a month or two Then they were threw When her ex came back She was treated badly by him But she still had love for him And she wanted her ex back He thought that was whack So he left and never looked back


C. Perry

I was invited to church one day To receive a honor award The church was full There were not many seats Seeing how I arrive their late Across the room I spotted a pew I walked over there and took a seat There was a black tall and skinny lady She is a mother of three The lady was sitting next to me Wearing a long gold dress She was reading the program That was handed out at the door As she read through it The ceremony started Her left arm flew around to the side It happened so fast I thought she was about to hit me She drop the program on the pew Sitting next to her was a big gold purse She started to grab at it with her hand She grab at the purse three times Before she got a grip She unzipped her purse And pulled out some tissue She threw the tissue on her lap And removed her glasses With her right hand The lady snatched at the tissue The first three attempts were unsuccessful But the fourth attempt was a success She rubs the tissue on the lens of glasses She put her glasses on And swung her arm Towards her purse She dropped the tissue in her purse And swung her arm back around She picked up the program and read some more She repeated the sequence twice during the program Later she got up She walked in front of me Her right arm was against her chest Her left arm was dangling As she started walking I knew that she was handicap She had a stroke so she was limping slowly And her head was constantly rocking I thought that it was very sad But then I realize That she is lucky She is able to live her life Until God is ready for her


C. Perry

~Lets go Go where? ~Somewhere far How far? ~Dont know, Buts lets just go Ok ~Road trip to California Wait, thats a long drive ~A trip to Africa That long too ~But we dont have to drive You know Thats true ~Well how about to Venezuela Vene who? ~The land of the largest water fall Largest waterfall Oh! You mean Angel falls ~Yeah thats right We cant go there ~Why not? Dont know, just think of a different place ~Ok Um. Lets go to Asia ASIA! Why? ~To see the Himalayas The whole mountain range ~No. Just Mt. Everest That sounds tempting ~So you want to go? No not really, think of something off the wall ~I got it! Lets go to the center of the Pacific Ocean The Pacific Ocean ~You said something off the wall Yeah, I guess I did ~You know what? What? ~I forgot, we cant go anywhere Why? ~Because we are BROKE Oh... ~So lets just stay home Alright


C. Perry

A talented and beautiful girl Who soon sprouted into a woman She had love for everyone And all her fans loved her She sung her way into stardom And acted her way into movies Her excellent performance in "Romeo Must Die" Landed her roles in other spectacular films Aaliyah, dropping three albums Starring and Co Starring in movies Trying to be the all around entertainer She was making it happen Until a plane crash took her life Which devestated fans across the world Her casket carried in a glass carriaged Pulled by two white horses In the streets of New York With over a thousand of fans following Twenty-two doves were released To represent her twenty-two years of life The best is what she wanted She over came the best Rest in Peace, Aaliyah Rest in Peace

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001 REST IN PEACE

Element will like to thank you for reading his poems. Come again so you can check out his new stuff.