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Thank You's

First off we all have to thank the lord upstairs, for he has blessed us with these talents and brought us together to make this phenonmeon website. Now I speak for myself Guy. I would like to thank all the poets who contributed to this website, without you all this will be simply nothing. We all have a little something and together we made something this big! I will never forget this, no matter what happens to me.
As I look back in time, when I first starting writing poetry I didn't think I would be still doing it and as serious as it is also. At first I was just writing for a girl and the outcome was good, so I kept up with it.  I would write when I had nothing to do or I when I thought of a good topic. In the 11th grade of high school I went public with my poetry, it was just suppose to be for my inner friends but everybody was nosey and wanted their owns and so I got to pass them out. That was my happiest moment in high school. I mean the whole school was getting in on it, even the teachers. That's the year that Sticks Production name was invented. While over the summer to going to 12th, I kept public by sending out poembooks through e-mail. I always wanted to do a poetry website, so hopefully somebody famous with a publishing company can see it and get OUR careers off to a start. So that's how we end up here. I looked back and I see that I just keep on getting up their in my steps. And whoever joined me on this hard journey will always be with me. So thank you, to all who did.
Guy Stokes
CEO of Sticks Productions