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Poems of Wisdom

All poems were written by S. Abdullah, expected the ones noted.

  • Hear Me Now
  • I'm Lost
  • Black Woman

    S. Abdullah


    This poem is just a little something that mentions why I never seem to be able to say anything that keeps your attention. Why I would come your way just about each and everyday just trying to put a smile upon your beautiful brown face and hearing those three words that I love to hear you say you're playing me for a fool - huh - if so dat shit ain't cool you know aw well as I know that I would do anything for you - you know how much I adore you & plus I'll never put no nigga before you even though you sometimes say that I am being unfair - but the love is still there - but deep down inside it feels as if you don't even care - see - I know were both madd young but I can't help the way I feel. Emotions have no age limits and dat's for real why do I go to such extremes when you barely know what my love truly means.


    "I'M LOST"

    S. Abdullah


    I'm lost

    In a search to find why my mind, body & spirit is in a total bind.

    I'm lost

    And very much confused but guyz fail to realize what I'm speaking is not meant to amuse.

    I'm lost

    And broken hearted but I still don't understand why my love has departed.

    I'm lost

    And don't even know why it seems as though love for me is only meant to die.

    I'm lost

    And I need someone to find me now I know why love is blind and why real lovers never seem to see.

    I'm lost, you're lost so let's be LOST together!



    S. Abdullah


    A black woman can easily have a man. All she has to do is smile and she'll have him in the palm of her hand.

    There is no need to argue with me. Trust me I know because I'm something truly special for any man to use.

    Any black woman can stay in control. All she has to do is guide herself deeply throughout that man's souls.

    The scent of a Black Woman's body when she enters the room, could have a man's mind completely gone real soon.

    With one look of a Black Woman's eyes could have that man extremely hypnotized.

    But see its different because a Black Woman can control her craving for passion. Though most men can't even focus themselves in an orderly fashion.

    Why would a Black Woman settle for just one man?

    When she has a young man, old man, rich man, poor man, begging to honor her with just one sweet tender kiss, blessing her beautiful black hand.

    Wisdom will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.