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"Sticks / Rye Poembook 2000 - 2001"
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"Sticks / Rye Poembook 2000 - 2001"
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This book REALLY surprised me! I made it for my friend's and when I was passing it out to them, people were just asking about it- "can i get one?" "what is it?". This book has some of my earlier work from middle school in it. When I found out that my boy Rye (who i met in middle school) wrote poetry I went to him and asked if he wanted in and he did. When I was putting the book together, I wasn't TOO sure if people would like it or not. I'm glad that I brought out this book, I couldn't have a better start then with this book!  Population 55 - 70 books.  
  • Rye's original name was "Rye Lord"
  • This is my 2nd book. 1st book was named "15 Poems for the first 15 days in April" Released 1999. 1 book was only made and I don't have the copy myself.



G. Stokes


What is LOVE?

LOVE is blind,

LOVE has no color.

LOVE is something

That you can't describe.

LOVE lies in our hearts,

Many people will do anything

For their LOVE.

And many people will do anything

Just to find that LOVE of their life.

Being in LOVE feels good,

Eventhough being in

LOVE can hurt,

People still want to

Experience LOVE.

People just say

"I LOVE you"

Not knowing

What the word means.

The dictionary says

"Ardent affection"

I'm not really sure

What it means myself

But if it how I

Feel for my friend

Than I've found




G. Stokes


I don't need no dreams when I'm by your side, every moment takes me to paradise.

Let me hold you tight, warm you up in my arms and melt your fears, right away.

I'm so proud, that I'm the only one, who is special in your heart.

We can touch the sky, and light up the darkest days.

There'll be no darkness tonight, girl our love will shine.

Where did you come from? Can you please take me there?


"MYy SONG 2 U"

G. Stokes


I'm in love,

That's all that I can say.

The love I never had,

Is a type like you.

Your sexy smile,

Your so sweet inside.

Don't waste your time,

Listening to all the lies,

These boys have to say.

You will feel love deep inside,

If you take a relationship nice and slow.

Give me you,

Cause you show me love.

Who do you tell,

When you're really in love?

Your careless whisper,

Put a move on my heart.

Loving you still,

Is priceless.

Okay, okay.

I'm falling for you,

Cause I'm so into you.

You pour you love

Like rain falls on me.

Don't take it personal,

I just wanna get down with you.

You're an angel,

Sent from above,

Maybe that's why,

Why I love you so much.

It's been a long,

Bumpy ride to get here

But we stuck together

And made it.

But baby girl,

No one know how to love me

Quite like you do.



G. Stokes


There always be sunshine when I look at you. You're a positive motivationg force within my life. I feel the love within you, your beauty lis deep within. Always and forever paint a pretty smile, never let it fade away. Loving you is something I've planned for a long time. I'm the one who keeps you happy, and you keep me satisfied. Each moment with you its just like a dream come true that somehow came true. You are most beautiful than you are in my dreams.



G. Stokes


I need you so much.

Seeing you at school,

Isn't enough.

It's always you,

No matter what I do.

The one true love,

The perfect one.

In the perfect dream,

You're easy on the eyes.

The word elegant sums you up.

When I think of your smile,

Or hear your name,

It takes me back down memory land.

When I hear you speak,

My heart skips a beat.

Endless love,

For you I give.

You're part of my soul,

That always will live.

How I confessed my love 4 others

Unlike you.

But when I'm lead back,

On a path 2 a love that's true.

You're exquisite,

I melt under your gaze.

I'll love you,

Forever and more.

You're pretty eyes,

You're lovely smile.

But I have to say,

Goodnight 4 now.

Goodnight my love.



G. Stokes


Okay I get emotional, it's just because my life is incomplete without you as my other half. There's something crazy I'm feelings and I don't know what to do about it. You know it has to be about you cause I can't clear my head and I don't want to clear my head of you. Everyday this feeling gets stronger, maybe it's love but who do you tell when you're in love? Right now I'm feeling that I must hold on to you tight and never let you out of my sight. Do you like it when I shower you down with flowers and gifts? I have so much love for you, I don't care what we do I just want to be with you. I guess it's up to me to ask you out but before I do, I need a girl who I can give all my love to, someone to hold, someone who will stay with me through the thick and thin. So what if you're so ghetto those things that you do got me addicted to you.



G. Stokes


You shine, like wine.

And as the years go by, you get finer with time.

You and me together forever, is what everybody says,

But its true with us.

You're not just my girlfriend, you're also my bestfriend.

No matter what people say, its you and I, till the day I die.

But until then, all your fantasy, will come true.

Flights on private jets, going across seas,

If you want a gold Rolex with diamons spelling your name,

On your writs, its yours!

I'm just here to please.

The money in the bank, doesn't mean a thing to me.

We can lose the house, the cars, the diamonds,

But one thing

We can't lose,

Is our love.



G. Stokes


One day my mom and I went shopping at the mall. My mom found a bottle of cologne for me to smell. I knew how it smelled, because I also wanted to get it; so I brought it. After that my life became interesting. This girl I wanted to get with for four years, started to talk to me. The days I would wear the cologne everything between me and her would go right, and the other days when I wore some other cologne we'll have a bad day. But lately, I've been seeing her ex-boyfriend hanging around her. And I just noticed today that my cologne was at its last drops. And I also guess that our love for each other is at its last drops too. This thing we had lasted as long as a bottle of cologne.



G. Stokes


Lately our own problems have been getting in each other's way. We've been arguing over small things or over stupid things for a while now. I'm not saying its you and it might be me, but I'm not sure. What happend to the days where the small things meant a lot? What happend to the days we skipped class, just to be together? And when we hug, I still get that feeling where I can't explain, so I know love is still there between you and me. What happend to those days where we use to sneak out of the house, just to see each other when we were on punishment? How we use to come up to each others job when went on break? We use to chill in the parking lot after hours just to spend some quality time together? How I sneaked passed your rockwiler in the backyard to see you when I was thinking about you in the middle of the night? Can you tell me what happend?




R. Evans


In life there are many kinds of love and I have felt most.

I have been in love with one girl but we were to close.

Life has given me one bad relationship after another.

And even though I have given my heart to them all it seemed they loved me as a brother.

None willing to give me that love I offer.

And these loves I can truly say they made my heart softer.

I have been what I thought was love many time,

But they haven't even lasted half-way down the line.

Your kisses to me are filled with passion while theirs with lust

My past relationship have been based on lies and ours fully on trust.

So even though I have thought to encounter many kinds of love

You are my one true love when push comes to shove.



R. Evans


Read this poem when you first wake and before you sleep,

Feel the emotions put into it as I write I weep.

The tears that touch this paper is my love,

You're a gift to me from our father above.

The air I breathe as I write this poem shows I live for you,

And the reason I rise in the morning is because of you too.

Read this poem when you are unsure you are my love,

And it will let you know you are my love

The blood in my veins is here if you need it,

And the fire in my heart for you will always stay lit.

The heart in my body beats for only you,

And now we are one when we were once only two.

Read this poem to help you overcome your fears,

And always know that I'll wipe away all your tears.

My eyes can't tell you how I feel,

But in my heart I know its real.

Continuous love and undying devotion,

To me can create the strongest of love potions.

So read this poem as I think of your grace,

And read this poem as I dream of your face.



R. Evans


I've been alone before,

But never did it feel like this.


I've miss some of the simplest things,

But nothing as simple as a kiss.


I've dreamed of us,

Being reunited in every other dream.


But somehow this becomes a nightmare,

Because we never meet or that the way it seems.


My heart pounds with the sight,

Of the letter you wrote to me.


And even though we've together so long,

Its much of each other we have yet to see.


Although love is sometimes lost and never found,

Again is one I'll never forget.


Because of a thing

As a simple kiss.



R. Evans


Written in eternal ink a love is consummated, to live on until the end of time. Love a great power above many things but still understimated. A power taht sends chills up my spine. To seal my love and devotion with a kiss is too easily done. The time has come for me to express my undying love and show that you are "The One." As if you were sent from the heavens above. Eternally written in ink a love is consummated.

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