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Sticks Poembook "Yesterday Notes"
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Sticks Poembook "Yesterday Notes"
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Poems of Sticks


G. Stokes Jr

The wait is over/ yesterday notes/ are finally here/ you're not just reading/ I'm speaking out loud/ so you can finally use your ears/ it's more intense then/ Julia Stiles last performance/ in save the last dance/ I'm portable now/ like a cd player/ but I'm on dvd/ so put it in your dvd playa/ take it to your friend's house/ so you can watch it/ on a 20 inch flat screen/ that plasma shit/ so the picture comes out/ nice & clean/ I'm the same kid as before/ I never chop my words down/ cause there's meaning behind them/ so read between the lines/ and dont worry about time/ cause in dew time/ you'll see I was destined to be/ this is the bookbag poet/ representing sticks p.



G. Stokes Jr

Yesterday Notes is more then an illusion, it will have you confused and find yourself trying to come up with an conclusion. But this is not school and this aint no research paper. If I was getting paid for this, man I'll have madd paper. After you read it, it will leave you feeling hot on the inside. You wrote down your emotions now, so in the future you can sit down and read your Yesterday Notes.



G. Stokes Jr

I never thought I would see the day where I would get played twice. I don't stereotype, but man girls can be a trip sometimes. I mean at the time of agreement, they are cool with the situation. I do my part of the deal, but once it comes to them doin their part, they change. They got something out of the deal, but they dont want to keep their part of the deal. It's like they're runnin away from payin a bill. They played me like a fool, cause like Ashanti "over and over I tried, and over and over you lied." I guess this is why you shouldn't put your trust within the next person. While the world is spinning round and round these are the type of people who make the world turn bad. If you are one of these people, is sucks to be you. Can't keep an agreement, how pathetic is that, if you done somebody wrong, you'll get yours back in due time, better to believe that.



G. Stokes Jr

Intellectual is how I wanted to be, but school and me weren't the best of friends. One more year of school, I can say this "I would have quit." Even though without school I'm still intelligent, I'll show all those that say you have to go to college to make real money, is wrong. I'm here to seat a new trend, I'm the policeman kickin in the door and the ones who runs in after me is my poetry family and we bring the hounds to show how hungry we are.



G. Stokes Jr

I come through/ benz couple/ I drop my top/ then shoot/ my rhymes are increditable/ my rhymes are invisible/ my rhymes aren't fatuated/ my rhymes are for the streets/ so when I speak/ it's nothing but the truth/ I speak for myself/ I don't speak for my crew/ heres how I spit it/ so stay in tune/ my mind would think of a thought/ from my brain/ straight down through my vibirator/ my hands/ would get ready/ to move/ to the words/ my voice/ become one to beat/ then I ohh/ the crowd/ with my lyrical style/ I rain on niggas/ so I can tech them how/ to spit some flows/ cause thats all I know.



G. Stokes Jr

As the clock come closer to the next lunch shift, many students are wondering who they are going to chill with and discuss what so and so said in class. But to a handful of kids, "who they are going to chill with" is not on their minds. "Is anybody going to talk to me today" is what they are thinking. Is anybody going to sit next to me in the cafeteria, will someone approach me when Im sitting in the hallway looking at the "in-crowd" kids have fun? Do I look different from them, is it the way I smell or is it the way my hair looks? Lunch time is the worst time for me, Im never looking forward to having it. So ask yourselves, if you saw me in the halls, would you approach me?



G. Stokes Jr

This is for the people who said/ I drastically changed/ Im coming from/ the original 804/ Im reppin nor-folk and suf-folk/ I still like/ roast beef/ macaroni & chesse/ cornbread/ and mustard greens/ we drink ice tea/ when our lungs get a lil thirsty/ we party on Friday/ and go to church on Sunday/ but what nobody says/ Ima still gonna be the/ sameee



No matter/ what I do/ Im gonna/ stay the sa

me/ through my life/ you better believe me/ oh

Guy Stokes/ is my name/ I dont greed/ anything/ I want everything/ playing monopoly/ is my favorite game/ I noticed that life/ isnt a game/ my prize possession/ is my G chain/ I love my mom/ I will/ die for her/ cry for her/ and even/ lie for her




G. Stokes Jr

After a couple of feelings and thousands of blue ink pens left empty, I come to this conclusion. I never thought a feeling I had for a girl in the seventh grade will show me a new love...poetry. From a girl with the softest skin to a dude with the roughest skin, poetry flows in those two and everything between. Seven years later, I'd never thought I would make it this far. Looks like I underestimated myself huh 11? Many things I went through since I cut off my shag in the 7th grade. Puberty hit me, but didn't hit me hard cause I already had hair on my chin. Somethings that happen I hold them to be my darkest secret. Somethings made me cry and some made me smile. But whatever they were, they showed me how life could be. Whoever thought that just in 11th grade, I'll be leading a dynasty? 12th grade was completely the opposite. I find myself in shock and in depression, 3 family members pasting in one month was enough. I believe my friends homecoming made me smile once more. Everything was cool then, it didnt feel like I was at war. No matter what grade or when you came to acknowledge me, you were always there. Yes you, my fans. 2003-2004 was a wonderful year, but the next time you'll hear from me will be 2005 - 2006. This isnt a goodbye its just a see you til then. Remember you can do anything, I believe in you.



G. Stokes Jr

I remembered that one time when we chilled out on that late summer day at your friends house we met. It was on the second floor, third apartment, if you put your ear to the door, you would hear laughter. Many times we chilled over there after that time. I felt just right when I was with you. Everything in my life is complete now. I have my career, my money and my girl on my side. Who would ever think, that something big would come out of this? As the times went on, we did many thingsbut baby nothing will compare to the first time things.



G. Stokes Jr

Just like a rapper would move close to the mic in the studio, so you can really feel their emotions and pain. I bring my hand closer to the sheet of paper, so I can express these feelings that just come unexpectedly and so you can feel them. Call me dummy from lovin or catching feelings for someone. Whatever I felt wrong, I would brush it off like dont worry about it. I mean did you really like me or were you just saying those things cause you know those were the things I wanted to hear? I wouldve cried on the way home, but I didnt. Dont get me wrong, I liked you so so much, that I pushed away a bestfriend that means a lot; for what? A person who couldnt confess their feelings for me indepently. I called your phone twice to find out why you didnt show up. No answer. But I left a message. I cant keep you as a friend, cause you werent there for me as a companion, youre not gonna be there as my friend. So you can call me a dummy for giving you a second chance. But I learned something, that you are still playing games for kids. So on this note I have two things to saythanks for showing that you were a child and goodbye.



G. Stokes Jr

A nice slim cut musclar boy walks into this small coffee shop. He take off his black leather jacket and hangs it on the back of his chair. A slim tight body walks over, she take his order then heads back into the kitchen to get his coffee and to tell her co-workers how the customer beamed his brown eyes at her. She later revists his table to give him his coffee. When she gets to the table, he places his book down and throws on a pleased smile on his face. She flashes her teeth and giggles a little. He thanks her for her service, then he picks back up his book. The waitress turns around then walks away, he slides the book down a couple of inches to catch a quick glimpse of her sway. His reaction is if hot coffee had touched the tip of his tongue, but he never touched his coffee. The next day, he was doing his regular routine, working out at the gym close to the coffee shop. As he lifts the dumbells and sees himself in the mirror he sees the coffee shop girl in the background working out too. He puts down the dumbells then grabs his towel and heads over there. He approaches her and says, "I think I know you." She stops what she's doing and looks up at this gentleman. She shocked to see the dude from the coffee shop. She gets off of the stairmaster grabs her towel and replies, "you might know me, but you don't know my name".



G. Stokes Jr

You took my emotions and played with them like a game. I got so into you so quick, I feel that I was whipped. If I would look back on the things I don't know why I kept on coming back. You had my head all fuzzy, I couldn't see anything like a blind person who can't see their next step...BUT...your elegance were arrogant, your conversations were dry and since I cleared my mind I can see now. Chan-nel you played a bad card that can't never be dealt. You should've been a woman and told me yourself that you already had a man. I wasn't there for one thing, I was trying to be your friend, but if you couldn't tell me the truth then - how you gonna tell me now? Now Chanel I'm about to change the channel, cause I don't want to see you anymore.



G. Stokes Jr

The bookbag poet is back/ I never turned my back on yall/ yall were always there/ when I throw the duce in the air/ thats for yall/ and when I shoutout to my fans/ Im showing yall love/ 22 white doves/ for aaliyah in the sky/ and a lot of pink roses/ for my cousin Jamie/ rest in peace/ Ill see you/ when I die

Thanks God for granting me/ this moment of clarity/ Ill say it again/ cause I dont think yall are hearing me/ this moment of honesty/ these emotions are coming from my heart/ so just sit back/ and listen to my testimony

I was always a dude/ who looked through the situation/ so you cant sidetrack me/ or throw me off track/ Ill give you/ a little information/ with the help/ from my friends/ and my whole family/ Ima be bigger/ than a semi/ and last longer then viagara/ the people the who know me now/ is going to know me then/ to sum it up in a few words/ Im not gonna change/ big headed/ Ill never get/ the backstabbers then/ need to not come around me/ cause yall will backstab again/ whoa

Thanks God for granting me/ this moment of clarity/ Ill say it again/ cause I dont think yall are hearing me/ this moment of honesty/ these emotions are coming from my heart/ so just sit back/ and listen to my testimony



G. Stokes Jr

Dont worry just in a couple of months it will feel like paradise. Everybodys pockets are fat, so everybody is eating lovely. Its like the 11th grade all over again, but I didnt rewind time. Feelings thats been inside for a while ready to be unlocked like secrets to a game. Our lives have been separated from each other for years, but just like high school its time for a reunion. A reunion and our resolution this time is gonna be worldwide. We have our three kings and our one queen, one word Dynasty.

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