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Poems of Singature

All poems were written by J. Craqqette, expected the ones noted.

  • Eye of a Stranger
  • I Am Yours
  • Smile My Love
  • Too Late
  • To Be With You
  • Silver Promises


J. Craqqette


For what it seems like days now, he has been wondering, longingly through her eyes. Unaware of where he is or better yet how he got there. He first appeared here when he held her in his sight, and if by chance, she returned his gaze. Oh how wonderful, he thought, if he could maybe touch the beautiful waterfall of hair that sat on her shoulders. Or maybe even get so close as to feel her skin; a finger, a hand, he didn't care. Although the shared glimpse was only temporary and brief, when her glance retreated he was lost in a strangers eyes. He has never actually seen her since, but every chance he gets he replays those short moments as if to immortalize a minute of an encounter he will not soon forget. You see, she not only holds his heart in her eyes; she first handedly saw a man fall in love at first sight. He wonders hopelessly through the eyes of a stranger.



J. Craqqette


I belong to you, there is really no other way of expressing it and that is not strong enough if you only knew how much I love you. How essential you are to my life, you would not dare to stay away for an instant you would always remain by my side. Your heart pressed close to my heart, your soul to my soul. I am never away from you. Even now, I shall not leave you. In another world I shall be the one who loves you, loves you beyond measure. Life without love is nothing more than a broken promise. In this world love has no color - yet how deeply my body is stained by yours. I gave you what could not be heard, what had not been given before the beat of my heart I gave.



J. Craqqette


Now I see the reason I loved you,

I hadn't noticed until you left.

You had my heart, but you left with no clue,

And that is considred grand threft.

But the smile on my face really means I'm happy,

I'm not hurting inside.

This in not a tragedy or some sad love story,

I'm really doing just fine.

From your stunned expression I can guess,

You didn't think I'd move so fast.

I'm really very happy I've got this off my chest,

You and I are now the past.

Now smile my love, you got the widh you made last night,

When you said that we were through.

I've moved on but one more thing, can you move to the right,

You see the thing is theres a guy over there and your blocking my view.



J. Craqqette


He stands with tear filled eyes almost if to ask a question. She looks back at him with eyes cold as ice. A low teary "sorry" peeps from his lips, just to get no response, from the stone expression he is looking at. He will never speak to her again, and she will never speak to him. This meeting is brief and final. The color has faded from her face, as the look never ceases to change. His face is red with anger and repentance. He starts to cry, she gives him no sympathy for his tears, for they mean nothing now. You can see the pain in her eyes, but not a flinch she makes. How could this be, just the other day they were together, happy. He places a hand over hers. She fails to acknowledge its existence. He is in no way surprise. He will never hold her in his arms again. She will never feel his kiss. Begging for forgiveness, he wipes a tear. His time is up, the coffin closes, why did he drink and drive. She is gone forever.



J. Craqqette


I can sit and listen to you breath, and your heart beat for hours. Just being near you makes me smile. I can bury myself in your warmth and sleep in your arms forever. When I lay your arms, in silence no sound but the light rain that makes me want to cry. I can spend all day hugging you, watching the sunrise, then set never taking a break. I have seen only you, I have admired only you, and I desire only you. When I see you, then I am well. If you open your eyes, my body is young again; If you speak, then I am strong again. I believe that I love you more than yesterday, but that belief grows with every single day.



J. Craqqette


Words spoken through a speechless kiss

Can ease pain brought by years

The sweet whisper "I love you" I can't resist

For it replaces emotion once occupied by fears.

I can see the rest of my life in your eyes

Like a play and we're at center stage

They hold me with each gleam of surprise

Soft silhouettes in a maze

When a jazz band plays

As we take a ride on a sea of silver promises.

Let me hold you, for my arms know no other task

Let me love you, for as long as this will last

Show me your heart as I hand you mine

Can you make this last forever?

Like silver promises suspended in time.

A heart damaged by the turbulence of love

Opens its gates once again

This hopeless romantic on love like a drug

Is not looking for help, for my heart you can mend.

I can see the rest of your life in my arms

And I'll hold on tight for fear you may disappear

In my mind you have no wrong nor can do harm

Now I cry no tears, because you are near

Hand and hand we swore in a sky of silver promises.

Make a wish and I'll paint it in the sky

I'll tell you a secret, but their all in your eyes

Bells at the cheapest now chime

With you there is forever

We're like silver promises embedded in time.

The sound of you breathing makes me cry

My ear next to your heart beating puts me to sleep

As together side by we slow dance through the night

Under glass, please say its you I can keep

No words you need speak

I don't care if I'm in too deep

I'd drown a thousand times for you love is my only

Silver Promise


Signature will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.