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R. Geegan


As you live your life and work on the things that is important to you try to not stay to yourself.

If you find yourself needing to tell someone how you feel, don't hold it back let that person know how you feel.

As you live your life, be straight up to who ever you come in contact with and as you grow older don't bit your tongue. Say what's on your mind, even if it's a word that should be kept to yourself.

Don't stay to yourself even if you want to don't.



R. Geegan


When you're sick and lonely just call on Jesus

When you need to be healed just call on Jesus

When you're feeling like the world is going to end just call on Jesus

When you've been in a bad situation just call on Jesus

When you've been hurt and your heart can't take it anymore just call on Jesus

When you call on Jesus he'll be right there beside you

When you need guides just call on Jesus

When you're feeling guilt just call on Jesus

Because nothings greater then the name Jesus

Call on Jesus

When you need to call on someone call on Jesus




R. Geegan


I'll get over the pain I'm going through

I'll get over the hurt I'm feeling

I'll get over all the hurt and pain I've went through

I'll get over it for Jesus is on my side whispering in my ear saying everythings going to be all right

The lord is saying just keep wordshiping me and giving me the glory and I'll get over it

I'll get over it for I'll keep my head up high I will walk with faith inside me and with no worries

I'll get over it with the lord walking next to me and me staying up I'll get over it

Kidcruck will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.