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Poems of Mami Chula.

  • My Minds Made Up About You
  • How Can I Compare  

All poems were written by G. Parker, except the ones noted.



G. Parker

For once after over a year Im seeing with clear sight

my eyes have been opened and my thoughts in my mind, lightened

I know that I have been wrong before and that I havent been there for you

I was so in love with him that I ignored the obvious

I almost missed out on something or should I say someone special

you have me feeling high on something that I cant explain

I like the way I feel when Im with you

I feel like you wrote the manual about how to treat a lady

when I first met you I thought that you were a nice person to talk to

but ever since we spent time together

Im so into you

you put a smile on my face and give me a laugh from my soul

and when Im acting shy you respect my wishes

I see the way you look at me and I look away and smile looking down at my feet

I look at the way you lick your sexy lips and I swear I get shivers

and I try not to melt when our eyes meet

we agreed to just be friend and to not ruin our friendship

but the way you hold me isnt the way a friend would

my friends ask me whats going on between us

and I just smile and say

if you only knew

they look at us together and I know they know

but not sure if we know, do we?

I love the way you call me baby

and I reply with papi

you have listened to me cry and complain

you always have good advice

weve known each other for several months now

and I feel like we have known each other for years

although now I dont know how I feel about him

Im sure about how I feel about you.



G. Parker

How can I compare to a spring morning with all its splendor and glory?

How can I compare to something so powerful that a woman like me can catch up?

Have you ever looked at the stars at night and just said to yourself

"They look so close and I can touch them if I try hard enough"?

Thats how I felt about you at one time

I look at you now and I see a future so close yet its so far off

I wanted to be there for you no matter what happened

At one time I felt that friendship would be the best thing but lately just thinking about you just brings tears to my eyes

I hate the way I feel when I think about you

I hate the way you just up and decided that you needed to hurt me to be a good friend

I was seeing a future that you just werent seeing too

I feel so foolish and ashamed to say that I was falling in love with you

You made me feel so good inside

Now I have to accept that Im a loser and youre a winner

I lost you and you gained something that you yearned for

I hope you fall in love and begin a new with someone special

How can I compare to your freedom?

I realized that I cant because in order for me to compare to these things I have to be God

And only he knows why you treated me like you did



Mami Chula will like to thank you for reading his poems. Come again so you can check out his new stuff.