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Sticks Poembook "Blue Pen Series"
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Sticks Poembook "Blue Pen Series"
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Poems of Sticks


G. Stokes Jr

Dis is the blue pen series nigga/ check da shit/ no need to call your ISP/ cause I can refresh/ your shit/ Im like a game/ I can take you to different levels nigga/ my rating isnt for teens/ its M/ for mature niggas/ yall spit that weak shit/ while I spit that realer than real shit/ quick to split a nigga/ and let his blood just leak quick



G. Stokes Jr

I need me a good girl/ who will scratch my back/ when its itches/ and Ill do the same thing/ when she askes/ I mean a nice girl/ so we can be a nice couple like/ beyonce and jay z/ a girl I can just chill with/ and let the months fly by/ turn her into my lady/ somebody thats into me/ not into my rims that glistens/ and when I talk/ she listens/ I dont need no hoe/ or a chicken/ hea to the d/ I need a girl who knows where/ she wants to be in 10 years/ whether its without me/ or with me/ and she has to get along with mommy/ if not/ shes seeing the curb/ I need a girl who knows how to drive a stick/ shifting into the sixth gear/ without a fear/ and she has to have some kinda smarts/ either streets or the schools/ cause if I fade away/ I still want her slippin out of the newest indoor pools/ still spending my money/ from my high school days/ and when I say bye/ remember it/ like as the first time I said hi.



G. Stokes Jr

I rolled up in the place, a stuffed basement party packed to its capacity. Nobody standing on the wall, everybody dancing the latest moves. The dj put on a hot joint and I started to get into the groove. I slid over to the refreshment table to fill up my red cup with that good stuff. After I finish dancing to some reggae songs, I caught your eye slippin through the crowd. I followed you for a few steps then I swepted down on you, like an eagle does its prey. Our bodies begin to move seductively under the red light to the beat. Your sweat glistens right at your cleavage area, while my whole wife beater is soaking. My hands move all over your body, from your back, your hips and to the things below your waist. Our faces touch while Im smelling your neck and if the dj keeps on putting hot songs on who know what might happen next.



G. Stokes Jr

I usually dont do this, write outside the season. The season you say? Yes poetry season, begin fall time. This years differentfrom the weather to my feelings. I guess like physic will say, the planets moons and stars are lined up right. Besides that, I guess that there are a lot of topics to talk about. Things waiting to be looked through my eyes which transfers it to my hands which make the poetry. So theres a tongs of things to write about, keep your eyes on me, like 2pac cause youre about to see a change, a resolution. Ha, Ha, Ha, other poets move back its OUR time Sticks Productions Time.



G. Stokes Jr

Before I hit the basketball court, I listen to music to hype me up. While Im putting my clothes on I tune into the radio, because they play all the right joints before the club. When I wake up, before I even get out of the bed I turn on the radio to get me ready for the day to start. As I show my strength in my fighting video games I need my loud, hard bass music. It sets my mood so I can take out my competition. Musicits my adrenaline rush.



G. Stokes Jr

Ive been liking this girl for a while now. But we never went together. I mean when I first met her I was shy, but I wasnt shy to open up my feelings towards her. Back in the day she hated my guts, then time went on she started to soften up. We lost connection for some years now, but I just saw her recently and all of the feelings come back to me. We chit chatted for a second, then she went back to work. Ever since then I tired to get her out of my mind, but nothing works. Now I want to ask with no money involved, can we put our relationship on layaway.



G. Stokes Jr

Yum yum, Im a kid on a hot day eating ice cream never wanting it to end. A love hip-hop story is how I feel all we need is just a melody. Oh I have fallen for you, miles so far I dont even known. I call you my Princess, because youre the one I want. And when you have two people wanting each other you cant keep them separated. You cant add anything, cause everything is already there.



G. Stokes Jr

You say hes treating you like trash, so why are you still with him? Is it the undyfinding love he says he has for you? Or is it the way hes buying you all the clothes to make up in another area where hes been slacking? Baby Im your remedy, and once its you and me we can be poised. Your life will be anew. No this isnt a charade, I speak the truth. To an endless heaven, feet massages, back rubs and whatever at your request. Youll get all this plus more if you come with me.



G. Stokes Jr

Ima blaze like a 50/ my style never change/ I stay crispier than chips/ Im hard like bricks/ but Im not red/ I feed my poetry to the needy/ so they can cleanse their soul/ this aint no repeat/ this flow right her is/ new to the folks/ and no I dont bosh/ Im still that kid/ who had that patch/ in the back of his head/ instead of picking up a mack 10/ I pick up a pen/ stay around/ youll see what will soon happen/ Ill caress the pen/ and the papers will end up/ in a firy blaze/ yall need to look the other way/ cause it looks like yall are dayz

Yall dudes are breakfast/ and Im grounded like flogers/ I still have my flows from my earlier days/ theyre over there in my high school folder/ yall think Ima fold/ - neva that/ Im to strong for that/ I keep my words simple/ so you know where Im headed at/ big bird is yellow/ and Im black that means I keep it real/ while other dudes are wack

S to the T/ I to the C/ KS/ that spells Sticks/ and yes Im the best/ and when I hop out of this game/ youll still hear my name/ just like FAME/ people been around me for years/ so I guess/ Im sticky like honey/ this is chapter 2 in my life/ in chapter 3 Ill fly around the world/ not once/ but twice/ even though Im 19 now/ my future is looking bright/ the clothing company is looking right/ within the next months Ill be in the lime light/ sticks p and the legacy/ thats how I roll/ blue pens in their hands/ but their hearts are filled with gold/ we write about the things around us/ cause thats all we know/ poetry is a feeling/ so lets fall in love/ whoa this boy is killin



G. Stokes Jr

Something that has my feelings and emotions packed into one. I guess you can call it my journal, but really its not. Its a storybook of my life. Some are true stories and some are fantasies that I wished come true. From family problems, not understanding females, dates, happy times to bedtime you can read, because without all this stuff happening to me, I wouldnt be me. The blue pen series is what I write my poems with, so when you read my poems youre getting the realest, illest hits written by nobody but me.



G. Stokes Jr

You become a part of my life/ and as time went on/ I wanted to make you my wife/ but I have one problem/ I already have someone that has that spot in my life/ everytime I heard your name on even see your face/ I just think about the passion that we once made/ I know its wrong/ but I need you next to me/ not later/ but now/ so I can smell your scent/ and place my lips on yours/ while my hands touch your delicate skin/ I mean/ wifey is cool/ but I didnt make it official yet/ and dont get it mixed up/ this is not a trick/ to catch you in a net/ these feelings I have for you is the realest its ever gonna get/ and with you/ youre not all about ice and cars/ Im a regular person and youre the star/ these feelings have me in a daze/ so if you ask me about my wife/ Im like wife who?



G. Stokes Jr

Lately, I have noticed something different. You've been acting funny and catching hard feelings. You have been getting up in the middle of the night and going to bed real early at night. When I get home from work you're always home now and when I walk through the door you would hang up the phone, like you're holding a secret. Why aren't you dressing up anymore. Okay I'll give you "your" week, but this bloodline shouldn't last for two weeks. So I approach you on the couch and look you straight in the face and say...look at your face, looks like she has gained some weight, wait. You cut me off by putting up two fingers and you say that's how many I'm eating for now. I'm gonna be a father. I'm so so proud.



G. Stokes Jr

You say that you're strong without lifting your fist maybe you can bend a spoon back with just your mind. And you say you can buckle a person's knee, because your kisses are like bliss.

Well I'm you're worst enemy and I see you kiss. Those juicy wet things you deliever, just miss. My kisses are like ice, I'd plead the 5th. I'd kiss you once, I'll have half of you. Kiss you twice you'll be going crazy. Kiss you three times you'll be like Musiq going half crazy.

Words are each other's enemies, the battle ground is the paper. They come out of my mind fighting. One is saying pick me, while the other is trying to fight me. But they all want one thing, to make my sentence come out smooth.



G. Stokes Jr

Here I go/ putting my earphones back on/ getting back into the grove/ getting back into the mood/ making those classics hits/ you know the ones you read over and over again/ and after each time/ you would say oh shit/ just like my poems/ I write my life in ink/ making decisions once/ and never twice/ remember how I was when I first came out/ well dawg/ its been a while/ and Im two times nice/ Im never going away/ Im not ice/ but most people describe my personality/ as nice/ Im easy all around/ but if you test me/ Ima be like a city/ and youre gonna be wishing/ you didnt see the bad side of town/ so youre a freestyler huh?/ well my rhymatic words would get into you/ they would overheat your brain dude/ when the music goes off Im still rhyming/ still up in this zone/ Im feeling fine/ it feels like Im right at home



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