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Poems of Destiny

All poems were written by T. Glover, expected the ones noted.

  • Love Always Pt I 
  • Love Always Pt II 
  • Dreaming of You
  • To That Special Someone
  • From My Heart To Your's
  • My Love
  • A Lesson Learned
  • Love at First Sight


T. Glover


My heart belongs to you,

And the love I give is true,

Despite all the tears I have cried,

You have always been by my side,

Telling me that everything is going to be okay,

And that you are here to stay,

You have been the most important part of my life,

And some day soon, I hope to be your wife,

But until then, I will love you always,

And I'll pray we'll be together all of my days.



T. Glover


Through the good, through the bad,

You were always there for me,

To push me through hard times,

You made it easy,

When I needed you, you were always there,

You never left my side,

Day and night, night and day,

You were always there for me when I cried,

You held me close and never let go,

You showed me the true meaning of love,

You made me feel so good,

And to me you were a gift sent from above.



T. Glover


Loving you is the hardest thing for me,

Knowing that you've so far gets the best of me.


Lying in my bed, my mind drifts off to another world,

Where you are my man and I am your girl.


No one there to disturb our glorious days,

Where we lay in the fields surrounded by hay.


And all alone together on our passionate nights,

Where we make love under the bright moonlight.


Holding each other so closely together,

Wanting to be in your arms always and forever.


Gentle kisses, which you place on my lips,

Making me shiver from my head to my fingertips.


Distant memories of the time we had spent apart,

Those times when I wanted you near cause you were so dear to my heart.


But those times have gone and now you're here with me,

Side by side in each others arms like it should be.


And as you lean forward to whisper in my ear, I hear my name being

called in the background, damn this is just a dream,

But yet it felt so real, well atleast that's what it seemed.


But I know that nothing can keep you off my mind,

Because the love you give me will stand the test of time.



T. Glover


It feels like we've been friends for more than eight months,

And even though I act like it's nothing I can't even front.


My feelings for you grew stronger each time that we speak,

And when I hear your name my body gets weak.


It's hard for me to say I don't want to be with you because I do,

And even though I want this relationship to happen, it's all up to you.


You know she's in the picture now and you can't have it both ways,

So I'll step back and give you the space you need hoping you'll choose the right one someday.


And if it happens to be me the one that you choose,

I'll let you know that whay you gain from me you'll never lose.


And if you choose her to keep as that special girl,

I hope she brings you all the wonders of the world.


Not only because you are sweet, but because someone with a heart like yours could

have only been sent from above,

Therefore, someone special like you deserves to be showered with lost of love.




T. Glover


February 14, a day when true love is shown,

Maybe face-to-face, in a letter, or even over the phone.


A time when couples unite to rekindle that dying flame,

That once left them alone and crying in the rain.


Dinner, flowers, or even being serenaded by that special one,

Making people feel loved, and leaving all unfinished business done.


But for us, it's the first one we share together,

The first of many more to come, that will last us forever.


Giving you my love, showing you how I truly feel, behind closed doors,

Our first Valentine's Day together, when I share my love, from my heart to yours.




T. Glover


When we first met

Who knew it would last this long

You and I together

A love so deep and strong

Two lovers united

No one to stand in the way

Of this loving relationship

Together forever and a day

You give me so much

So much love and care

When I have problems

You always seem to be there

When you look into my eyes

I can't help but to smile

Seeing you makes me happy

After not seeing you for a while

Your tender embrace

The comfort of your arms

Makes me feel warm

And safe from harm

Not a day goes by

Without your tender kiss

That melts my heart

And fills me with bliss

If you ever leave me

Who knows what I will do

But I know one thing

I won't stop loving you




T. Glover


A young adult with a gentle heart

A need to feel love

A passion for lust, longing for a touch

From the one who is dreamt of

No longer the thought of innocence

That runs through the child's mind

Not seeing what's reality

Because love has made them blind

To only think of what's good

And not to look towards what's bad

Trying to find a so-called love

Has lowered the self-esteem they once had

Now not caring about themselves

They give up everything they've got

A fool for love, a fiend for lust

That has landed them in an awkward spot

No longer a gentle heart

An innocent adult turned around

From sweetness to madness

A soul lost and not yet found

Wanting to turn back that hands of time

To get what they should have earned

Leaving behind what happened in the past

A valuable lesson learned




T. Glover


I never saw someone so fine,

Damn how I wish he was mine.


A fine ass red bone with sexy brown eyes,

Um I've never been so hypnotized.


Oh, how I want you in the worst way,

I've been fiending for your body since the first day.


Just one night with you would put a smile on my face,

I hate to rush things so lets slow down the pace.


Maybe candlelight dinner followed by a walk down the beach,

And after that, we'll end the date with a kiss on the cheek.


It's been two years and you're finally mine,

I'm so glad that we decided to take our time.


I knew that by seeing you that first night,

That you would end up being mine because its was love at first sight.


Destiny will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.