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Poems of EbonyAngel

All poems were written by E. Ambeau, except the ones noted.

  • Love

  • What's Up Ladies (Girls)

  • Found a Man I Thought was Mine

  • "LOVE"

    E. Ambeau


    love is a very special thing

    not to be played with

    love conquers all things

    good and evil

    love will and can stand

    the test of time

    when u have love u have the world

    love has and knows no boundaries

    love is universal and will never change

    so when u love somebody

    be sure to love them with ur whole heart

    and treat them as creations of God




    E. Ambeau


    why do u fight each other

    why do u tear down and kill one another

    why do u go out ur way to deceive each other


    we need to work together

    we need to help each other

    we need to care about each other


    why do we let gentlemen(boys) hurt us more

    why do we let them disrespect us like dogs

    why do we let them trample over us like hogs


    let us work together

    so if we fall, we can pick each other up

    let us respect ourselves

    so people gentlemen(boys) will respect us more




    E. Ambeau


    found a man i thought was mine

    but it turns out it was all a lie

    found a man i thought was mine

    but i was never a thought in his mine

    found a mine i thought was mine

    but i found out it was not the right time

    found a man i thought was mine

    but i guess i just wasn't that fine

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