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Poems of Keller

All poems were written by F. Keller, expected the ones noted.

  • Faith & Prayers 
  • We All Need To Feel Some Peace 
  • A Home For My Heart
  • Being A Parent  
  • The Beach  
  • Inner Strength  
  • Selfless Love 
  • A New Friend To Treasure
  • A Present Forever
  • Conclusions
  • Desscribe Falling In Love
  • How He Will Be
  • Letting Go of A Dream
  • My Description of Me


F. Keller

The world is filled with ups and downs,
so the roads of life are rough,
yet, I'm sure I can go forward if I preserve enough,
some people are hard to understand but at least I'll give it a try,
those who never give up trying are the ones who will get by,
so my heart is often weary from the weights that I must bear,
still I'll gain the rest of what I'm needing with some faith & prayers,
it's difficult to progress and solitude is sometimes my closest friend,
always there to guide me onward to the very end,
when strong tides go against me this voice deep inside me helps me along,
with some blessings sent from Heaven my heart sings a happy song ..........


F. Keller

My heart's at ease, my mind's at rest,
my soul feels good, even when I'm put to the test,
joy in the morning, I can sleep at night,
it's a nice feeling, what a delight,
sunshine warms your face,
even raindrops fall with grace,
my face wears a smile,
I feel like I'm walking around in style.
it makes you want to fall in love and come out of exile.
peace is what everyone wants to feel,
sometimes all it takes is a prayer and just kneel ..........


F. Keller

The home for my heart is in your arms,
in the warmth of your tender kisses,
for in the harbor of your strong arms,
I found my true happiness,
when the seas of life are turbulent,
close to you the skies are fair,
so it isn't any wonder that I'm prone to linger there,
in your fond embrace there is tenderness,
of a most endearing kind,
spelling out faith, hope and trust,
there are treasures I find a must,
I can come to you with an aching heart,
knowing you'll never pull it apart,
shrouded in the clouds of fear,
yet, once we depart, I still feel you near,
they say home is where the heart is,
but I'm not sure they could be wrong,
for I've found a peace and comfort in your arms,
so that's where I feel my heart belongs .........



F. Keller


To nurture and to love,
that strength comes from high above,
to always care and to share,
and to Always be there,
to sometimes scream and to scold,
to play with, shape and mold,
to try and set good examples,
and to show them no matter what you'll always care,
parenting can be such a joy beyond compare,
happiness and pride fill my heart up inside,
unconditional love is so rare of a find,
a sweet and precious gift from God,
that can't ever be truly expressed,
but to become a parent, then you are truly Blessed.....



F. Keller


The beach is a lovely place to be,
A cool breeze,the ocean view,
And all it's serenity,
It's a place for relaxation,
And lots of fun,
Just being yourself sitting,
And relaxing in the sun,
Some gather with family,
Some just like to talk,
Watching the waves or taking a walk,
I don't know why the beach is one
of my favorite places to be,
I guess it's a place where I can be me,
And oh so carefree....



F. Keller

I'm wishing you the inner strength, to see a brighter day, And all the wisdom that will guide you, every step along the way, And in time, when you look from those new horizons, May you find you've been truly blessed, With greater courage and a deeper peace of mind, You'll finally find what you've been longing for, If only tears became laughter, and night became day, But if you keep the faith and never, ever just settle, It will happen eventually, And then your prayers will be answered, oh sooo happily.......



F. Keller


A warming smile,
A loving touch,
This is what I see,
To walk for miles,
Never asks for much,
Only what you need,
A heart that gives,
Expecting nothing in return,
That's how you live,
Qualities so rare,
Are most splendid when shared,
With someone who genuinely cares.....



F. Keller

Friends are like souls, they are
always there,
when their needed most and they
always care,
when your down and feeling oh so blue,
that friend is right there to comfort
and encourage you,
a friend is there no matter when you
may call,
from the times you are up and especially
when you may fall,
a friend is there over and over, again
and again,
true friends are there from the begining
till the very end...



F. Keller


You ask me what I want dear Jeff,
on this memorable day,
for what I ask, I'm certain of,
no other man could ever pay,
I want your laughter to beam
and never hide,
your arms to warm the years,
I want to always be by your side,
throughout the happy times and tears,
so wrap all that up in the moonlights glow,
and use some star dust to make a bow,
I'll carry this present from you within my heart,
shinning ever so brightly,
like this fascinating new start.....



F. Keller


What are we really afraid of in life?
Possibly not being a good wife,
To be a best friend like no other,
Or, failure of not being a good mother,
Not ever being truly missed,
Or, no passion in that long awaited kiss,
Getting a good job and making a lot of money,
Or, being at a beach, where it's always hot and sunny,
Finding someone special who makes you happy,
Or, being so silly that your friends call you sappy,
Wanting him so bad you just wanna scream,
And when your together, you both seem to beam,
Why are the happiest parts of our life so scary?
That we get discouraged a lot and become so wary,
And all because no one wants to be ALONE.....



F. Keller


When I think of falling in love,
there is no doubt,
to the higest mountain I'll climb,
just to shout,
it's your name I'll scream,
in my loudest voice,
it's only you that I want and that's
my choice,
when I see your face and look into your
eyes, as I touch your skin,
my heart melts deep from within,
when we're asleep side by side,
the love I feel for you, I will never hide,
so when someone asks me,
if my love for you is true?
my reply will be:
when I think of love all I see is YOU.....



F. Keller


He has seen me in the morning,
No make up, hair undone,
Yet he greets me with sweet affection,
And all we have is fun,
He tells me I would look good in leather
or lace,
And he never seems to notice any of my
imperfections, not a trace,
When we go out, he's so proud to have
me by his side,
And he never glances at those women,
regardless of their size,
At dinner he encourages me to order
anything I like,
I look across the table at his loving eyes,
And I thank God he's a part of my life,
Yesterday, today and tomorrow. . . .



F. Keller


The love I was beginning to feel for you
was beyond belief,
to be with you was my biggest relief,
I first felt if I lost you was my
biggest fear,
I felt as if I always wanted you
to be near,
I was falling in love with you
and so I had to tell you how much
you mean,
but I know now, in my world you're only
a dream,
you're not the man I thought I was getting
to know,
so now I am just letting you go. . . .



F. Keller


Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and
Lady Godiva all rolled into one,
I'm more then a mere woman,
I'm a true friend, full of confidence and
a great lover,
I'm also a daughter, a sister and most
importantly a loving mother,
A maker of this house who's love,
makes it a home,
I just hate doing it sometimes all alone,
I'm the keeper of the glue that holds
this family together,
From that special day I was born,
always for worse or for better,
Maybe this New Year I'll meet the man
I've been aching for,
And I'll finally be able to open
up that door......

Keller will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.