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Poems of Reality

All poems were written by A. Owens, expected the ones noted.

  • Closure
  • I Treasure
  • My Thoughts
  • Pain


A. Owens

We met at school during second lunch. My friends told you what I said, "I just want to be friends." We talked about each other for awhile, the bell rang. You walked me to my class we exchanged phone numbers. To me I thought we would be good friends. Yeah we chilled at the mall together. I had to bring my niece and you were with a friend. We walked around the mall, it wasn't much. You wanted to see a movie, I couldn't stay because of my niece was with me. I thought you were nice. You are a good friend I can hold on to. But just suddenly you stopped talking to me. I wondered if I did something to you, I saw you at the mall when I was with my friends. I got mad, cuz you looked straight at me and not even a sound came out your mouth. To tell the truth I was hurt... But to make a long story short. I need closure with that short time that we spent together. ALL I really wanted was to be friends.



A. Owens

I treasure every moment that I spend with my family... the laughs... kisses... jokes... and smiles. I treasure every moment that I spend with my friends... boys... tears... joy... smiles. I treasure every moment that I spend with my man... laughs... hugs... kisses... smiles. I treasure everything that happens. I treasure my life...



A. Owens

As I sit here and think where you are, I remember that times when we were together. How we used to laugh and joke about things. How we used to hold each other, and let everybody know that you're mine. But ever since someone else dropped into your life, things started to change. You would spend more time with her than me. It was like everytime I turned around you two were together. I was lonely. You found someone to take my place in your life, we actually had plans for our future. I cried, and became heartbroken. Was I not giving you all my love, my time, my heart? I loved you. But now your just my past. I've grown up since then. I found somebody who accepts me for who I am, and for what I am. He loves me and I love him. But there's nothing more to say then. Goodbye.



A. Owens

There are somethings that I have to say. I'll try to put it into words. When you said the things you said, I felt the love melt deep down inside. I tried not to cry, but it came out anyway. I was disturbed in the inside. My friends tried to comfort me, telling me that you're not worth it. As the tears rolled down my face, I thought is our relationship worth crying for? Is he worth the pain? As the pain grew stronger, my feelings grew weaker. I thought to myself, why should I put up with this heartbreak? So I decided to have a "break" from all this pain, it wasn't easy but I had to do it. The hardest of all was to bring this to you. I felt drained from this relationship, like I could never hold on any longer. I let you know how I felt, I wondered were you feeling the pain I felt. But now there's no need for you, because my pain has overcome me. I would die just the thought of your name...

Reality will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.