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Now this was Sticks Productions second poembook. After the much success from the first poembook, I get a call from a friend saying how he wanted to get back into writing his poetry and whatnot.


That I (Sticks) was going to be in this book, but I pulled myself out of it. Erik was going to write 8 and I was going to write 8. I knew Erik was a great writer and he could hold it down, so that's why I pulled myself out.


E. Ennis

I was used to this feeling

That I do't have anymore

Their used to be hugs and kisses

Gifts and misses

I just loved that feeling

Like you know someone's there

Now I am stuck in the cold

With nothing at all to wear

I used to be cuddled

And even kept warm

Also was kept calm during a storm

But I began to be smothered

I was sick of mothered

I regret this decision

Please God

Why didn't I listen

I just had to be free

Now I am alone

Like an old autumn tree



E. Ennis

I saw you once

That is all it took.

From then on

I was hooked.

We spoke in person

And missing you only worsen.

We spoke on the phone

And that's when your feelings really shown.

Friends we are


Friends we have to stay.

But when there's a way

Roll back this way.



E. Ennis

You mean everything to me

Space I said I needed

And space is what I got

A space where my heart once pumped

It pumped love to all parts of me

Now it pumps nothing

No pain measures what I feel

But pain is what I deserve

Something I do see

The pain is voided on you

Nothing effected you

No tears, no anger, no pity


Something that involves both

Only hurts me

So what do I do now

Is that you mean everything to me

Now I question

Do I mean everything to you



E. Ennis

A friend I have for a while

Never knew the other side

Of this person

Wrote poetry

So deep and so true

It inspired me to also do

A connection was made

Something we had in common

A true friend this person has become

Advice was given to me this day

To write from the heart

Never with the head do I

Just know that a friend I have

And hopefully a friend forever

If a favor is needed

Trust me you deserve it

Thanx for the inspiration

And for an opportunity...



E. Ennis

I had given my whole

And soul

You know every secret

And every fear

Everything we had shared

Nothing kept away

Two people

And one heart

Still friends

Once lovers

That feeling of love we had

A feeling that brought happiness

Now in a sense

Brings back only the past

A past that we don't have anymore

A future that grows away for you

But just to konw now

That it brings you happiness

Bit it brings me pain...



E. Ennis

We met at the oddest place

On a saturday in Autumn

This car wash I never thought

I would see you there

My eyes weren't on those fly cars

But only on you

Your white shirt tied in a knot

And some gray sweat pants

Something that simple made me notice

How beautiful you really were

You smiled as I joked with you

And you looked deep into my eyes

When I spoke

Like you wanted to know something

Maybe that something

Was what I thought about you

Ask and you shall recieve

Keeping this feeling in is killing me

But nothing this odd ever happens

To real people

Especially me...

Who has ever heard of a car wash in autumn...



E. Ennis

I looked across the room

3 desks up

And 2 to the right

You looked straight into my eyes

Those eyes

So deep, dark, and delightful

That moment lasted so short

But seemed to last a whole class

My heart yearned

And my stomach knotted

To know what just happened

Time stopped for me

And for her

She had to have felt - -

Felt me

And I felt her

And I felt her

No words spoken

At just one glance

I felt a feeling I never - -

NEVER wanted to forget



E. Ennis

I wonder what if a lot

What if I made a different decision

How about if I went left instead of right

Would I still be here right now

What if I chose yes instead of no

Could or would I be better off

What if I did this instead of that

Could or would I be rich and famous

Or maybe mediocre and content

Is there a set path on which to take

Or do these twist and turns spell out fate

Can your destiny be changed

Or is it set in stone

Why worry about something

That is already decided

So why try to understand

Where are you heading

Life would be boring if all is known

So a decision is a decision

A choice is a choice

Enjoy all that comes to you

And understand

Once a decision is made

You cannot go back

So don't worry about the past

Nor the future

Worry about the events in the present

Because that will decide your future

And things in the past will help sway your decision



E. Ennis

More days


Many nights

I wonder how you can't see

All these feelings I have for you

You are to busy fighting with him

To see that I am the one really for you

We hit each other in elementary school

We kissed in middle school

In high school we were just friends

We have sneaked into each other's room

And spent the night together

You have told me everything

Since you were two

So that must mean

I really know you

Give me one chance

To take it further

One chance to pass friendship

If it doesn't work

It will be hard if not awkward

To just be friends

But its all worth it

Just to call you my girl

For just one day

Cause I believe you are the greatest--

The greatest girl I have ever met



E. Ennis

A gentle voice

A lovely wave

Is all I ever got


Never knew her name

Only her face

But something


Us always speak

I want to know


But I am

Very afraid

If she

Will like me


If I will like her

If we

Keep our distance

No harm

Would ever come

And I would always


I will get that

Gentle voice

And that

Lovely wave



E. Ennis

I call this girl

Every now and then

Most of our conversation

Stay in e-mail

We talk about things that happen

But never too shallow

Our typed words mean more

Than what we speak

She means more to me

Than I am to her

But its okay

I am not selfish

Nor greedy

She deserves to recieve

Than to give

Because somehow I changed

The way things seem between us

Is rather average

But when I sit at home

They seem so much more

Could on conversation

Completely change me

Or is it

Initial infatuation

With a girl

That I truly can't have

Or is it because

I can't have her

That drives me to want her

Whatever it may be

Just know one thing

I have something for you

Possibly a future


Possibly something you will only be able to

Remember in the past



E. Ennis

I saw you everyday

For 2 years straight

Never spoken to you

Or even whispered your name

I wanted to know so much

But never knew how I would

We seemed too different

But now we have spoken

I learned

We truly are different

But we compliment each other

Eventually we grew together


Eventually we grew apart


I always carried the other with me

Not all is seen on the outside

More exists on the inside

Thanx for teaching me that



E. Ennis

A girl I see

Maybe Spanish

Maybe Puerto Rican

She looked at me

With her dark brown eyes

As she danced my way

Her long hair swayed

Her hair was soft, curly and morena

Her skin so smooth

So creamy it was

Like slightly melted caramel

Le deseo I moaned

She took my breath away

Her smile

So innocent


So very seductive

My heart raced

As my legs went weak

She then spoke

Ah, I will never forget

That accent

So foreign

But easily understood

A besito I wanted

Or maybe even needed

Never again have I felt

Such lips like that

So warm

So soft

So wonderful

We held each other

Forever or more

Speaking only in


Our tongues rolled

As we spoke

Like every syllable

Was our last

Never could English ever express

Our words or actions

Spanish is truly the best



E. Ennis

Some people live

Day by day

Some people live in the future

But is there a mid-point to both

Do you live each day to the fullest

Or do you settle down for the future

Or should you do both at the same time

But possibly could miss a lot

Each day you do something new

Or are you actually passing something --

Something that could be forever

So do you date many people

Or do you try to stay with one



E. Ennis

Keep your eyes open I say

The one you need is right there

The one you think you need

Isn't quite what he seems

You think he is the best

But he is truly the worse

He covers your eyes so you won't see

The true one for you

Is always there for you

But you see that a person only as a friend

Truly deeply that person is

Passionate that person is for you

So I tell you "chiquita"

To open those eyes for the first time

To someone that truly can be your future

You deserve the best

And that person is the best

Because that person puts you first

But so far you fail to see

Because that fool distracts you

So take a peek away

To see a "guy" standing there



E. Ennis


Home of the free

Land of the brave

Built and paved

By slaves

Who don't even have tombstones

Over their graves

Their blood


And tears

Nourished this nation

Forced by the same Caucasians

Forced the natives to live on reservation

Built from cotton money

Now they want to give welfare

To the hungry descendants of the builders

Of this country

Why do we bring so much fear

When they were the ones

Who brought us here

Why is it when I walk in the mall

With my baggy jeans

Not wearing khakis

Security wants to stare at me

Straight glare at me

Well I hope they are happy

Cause I'm not leaving

As long as I'm still breathing

Well I don't know what

They want from me

All I know is my ancestors died for this country



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