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Ludacris Article
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Who ever thought that this laid back rapper from the grimmey streets of Atlanta would be as big as he is now.  From the first single WHAT'S YOUR FANTASY"  (that man named ludacris/ in the public bathroom/ or in the back of the classroom/ how ever you wanted/ let me go ahead and tap that ass soon) shows the world how he likes it in bed.  While the Neptune produced second single SOUTHERN HOSPITABLITY (dirty south mind blownin/ dirty south bridge/ catfish fried up/ dirty south fed/ sleep on the cot picken/ dirty south bed/ dirty south girls/ give me dirty south head) shows him throwing bows in his video with other ATLiens. Ludacris A.K.A. Christopher Bridges, which is his government name is who Im referring to.  Ludarcis later releases the single YOU'S A HOE" (can't turn a hoe/ into a house wife/ hoes don't act right/ there's hoes on a mission/ and there's hoes/ on a crack pipe) on black college radio stations. Off of his cd BACK FOR THE FIRST TIME.


Ludacris second cd, WORD OF MOUTH made him even a bigger star then what he already was. He went from the Ludacris from the streets, to the house hold name Ludacris. He can thank the single AREA CODES from Rush Hour 2 movie for that one. While driving down the street in his Benz 230 SLK he had the windows tinted so they cant see him in it, yup I'm am talking about his single ROLL OUT (now where did you get that platinum chain/ with those diamonds in it/ where you get that matching benz/ with them windows tinted). Just in time he released the one song "SATURDAY" featuring another Atlanta native Sleepy Brown. That song was on the radio for a spand of four months and was getting spins even after he released his third and last song off of this cd "MOVE" which featured Mystikal and one of his lablemates I-20.


 The magazine's interviewed Ludacris numerous of times about he's cd "CHICKEN-N-BEER" and how it was coming along. Ludacris responded with, "its going to be the best one I put together". He stayed in the lime light by doing cameos in many other people's songs. Like Missy's "ONE MINUTE MAN" for an example he waved his lyrical wand on (a hard head/ make a soft ass/ but a hard dick/ make the sex last/ i jump in pools/ and make a big splash). You would see him mostly spending time with a certain Miami female rapper named Trina. They didn't say if they were going out, but all the fans can do is wonder if the lyrics to Trina's "BE ALRIGHT" are just lyrics or are they speaking of a time where they were doing something more then rapper. Distrubing the Peace click also came out that year with the help from Ludacris releasing "GOLDEN GRAIN".


The summer of 2003 Ludacris appeared in his first movie, "2 Fast 2 Furious"; which is the second insulation of the Fast & Furious trilogy.  He also had a song on the soundtrack, which was one of the summers hottest songs ACT A FOOL. Months later he released CHICKEN-N-BEER for the block. Within four weeks, Ludacris third cd went platinum! I think its because of this catchy hook on STAND UP (stand up/ stand up/ when I move/ you move/ just like that/ when I move/ you move/ just like that/ when I move/ you move/ just like that/ hell yeah/ a dj bring that back!).  As that song started to downplay on the radio, a new addition to the D.T.P. family took the microphone and ran with it, with his second song HOILDAY INN. Chingy straight from the STL, came out with this club banger and had two guest stars up there. Snoop Dogg and nobody else but Ludacris himself.


With that song on the charts for numerous weeks Ludacris later releases his song SPLASH WATERFALLS. Just not even two weeks ago, he release the video for that song and he broke down the second verse with Tony, Toni, Tone. Who all knows what will be his third official single, but whatever it will be we know it will go BIG!


So while youre rolling through your AREA CODES at the rush hours just tell the other drivers to MOVE and ROLL OUT of your way before you show some of your SOUTHERN HOPSITALITY and start throwing your bows.


Written By:

Guy Stokes Jr.


But heres breaking news! Ludacris is back in the studio working on his brand new cd to release in late 2004 this year. Click on link below to check out the MTVs article.


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