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Da South Is Taking Over
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In the early 90s rap music was becoming more popular than "pop" music was.  When in high school you heard of New York rappers like Rakim and Erik B, Nas himself, Slick Rick just to name a few.  And the West Coast come out strong with Death Row Records, the main hitters were Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and of course the man that trouble always followed, Tupac Shauker.

Well the times have changed since then and since the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. AKA Christopher Wallace and Baltimore born Tupac the rap game has been taking over. Jay Z retired as a rapper, not the king of N.Y.C.  He would usually drop hits every summer so you can drive your car down the hottest strip where the ladies be real slow so they can see you shining.  BUT reality sets in the South, is taking over!

As much as you dont want to believe it, but its true.  Look around you, go to the clubs and count on six hands how many times they play a Virginia and further down below jam.  YEAH!  Is what youre heavily every 15 minutes on a D.C. / Maryland radio station.  Lil Jon himself is just coming up with crazy beats produced many songs from Youngblood, Usher, Bravehearts and many more.  Its not just ATL / Ludacris, MIA (Miami) / Trick Daddy, Houston / Lil Flip , Memphis / Three Six Mafia, STL / Nelly and David Banners own Mississippi!

They even started theyre own music called "Chopped & Screwed" which is where they slow down the songs (which is screwed) and repeat some parts (which is chopped).  Right now you may not think of it as music, but believe me it is and just like hip-hop became big thats how the "Chopped & Screwed" music will hit.  No disrespect to the North, East or the West, but if you want to party the South is the best YEAH!

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Lil Flip "Dem Boys" Regular

Lil Flip "Dem Boys" Screwed