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Illegal CD burning (copying) Article
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Check this out people...its important, THE MAN is cracking down on us!
Read this short article by me AFTER you read the link's article.
In the mid 1980's many people were hearing music by many different inventions; radios, cassestte tapes, the new television network MTV and if you were into the clubs then by vinyl. Now if you would fast forward to the year 2000, many inventions have came out that blew peoples' mind and made them think, "how did they do that"?  When I was attending middle school in the year 1996, in science class we would learn some of our work from the television and this thing called a laser disc.  It was the first time I have seen something like that, new techonlogy.  The only way I can describe it was that it was real big and that it read by laser.  There was also another invention that came out not to long before that one compact disc, many know them as CDs.  Within time the shelves of department stores, and equipment stores (Radio Shack) were stocking their shelves with many items called a CD-R drive for computers. This device makes copies of compact disc, no matter if they are a data disc or a music disc.  
Ever since there was life people have done either good or bad.  Of course its new technology which is good, but in some ways its bad too, depends on how you use it.  Many use there's to copy CDs for their friend who hasn't recieved the new hot CD out in the market yet.  Now they are trying to limit you on how you can use yours.  You paid your $290.00 or even now the cheap prices of $34.00 to use your CD-R however way you want to in your privacy of your own home.  They should've look at the good and the bad outcomes of this device, but most likely they did.  They just wanted to get your money in the outcome, and also get you on illegal actions which can put you in jail and have a fine of 250,000 (more money).  I guess they didn't think that this many people would pick one up and use it for this the illegal way.  Its like they are giving you this new toy, but saying you can only keep it to yourself and you can't share with nobody despite what your mother says. 
If you read the link article, then you would understand what I'm about to saying.  Say if you have two houses and you're making a copy of a cd for yourself,  because you are tired of carrying the cds to each house they will get you because of the new technology they are imprinting on the compact discs coming out in the meer furture.  Something in the compact disc will see that you have made a copy of that disc and they have you on file for illegal coping, when you only made a copy for yourself.  I think this new chip for the compact disc will be an inconvice, because I think they will get many situations like the one I just described above.  We will see how this chip will develope later this year, who do you know who likes to be told what to do with something they have brought?
Guy Stokes