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Imani's Poems


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Poems of Imani

All poems were written by T. Henderson, expected the ones noted.

  • All About Love 
  • Feelings For You 
  • My Man 


T. Henderson


Did you ever fall in love

But knew they didn't care

Have you ever felt like crying

But knew you'd get no where

Have you ever watched them walk away...

not wanting them to go?

And whispered " I Love You " softly..

not wanting them to know??

You cried all night in a misery

and almost went insane

There's nothing in this world

that causes so much pain

If I could choose between love and death

I think i'd rather die

Love is fun but hurts to much

and the price you pay is high

So I say don't fall in love

you'll be be hurt before it's through

You see my friend i ought to know

i fell in love with you..



T. Henderson


Could i tell you that i was falling in love??

With the way that you loved me

I longed to be yours

Your prized posession

But i'm scared will you leave??

If I let my feelings show

Would you still love me the way you did before

As i sat i wondered could i do this was it in me??

How i longed for you to hold me and tell me everything

would be alright.

But i don't want to take the chance on losing you

if i tell how how feel about you



T. Henderson


There he stood my man

his lips welcomed me to touch them

His eyes glanced over my body

inviting me in to his

His skin tasted bittersweet

with it's almond apperance

he was perfect

All of a sudden he stood tall

and i lingered to touch him .

His eyes drew me toward him

they were dim like the night sky

As he held me i slipped into another world

i had no feelings i let him control my emotions

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