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Sticks Productions Poetry
Old Poems


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A Variety of old poems from the poets

  • I NEED A GIRL G. Stokes
  • A PORTAIT G. Stokes
  • SONGS ARE  G. Stokes
  • CHIQUITA & A GUY  G. Stokes
  • DIAMOND G. Stokes
  • WONDERING G. Stokes
  • PAIN G. Stokes
  • A SHOW G. Stokes
  • IN THE STREETS G. Stokes


G. Stokes

Right now my thought is worth $1.00, but my mind is priceless. I need me a girl with ice or iceless. A girl who will miss me when I'm not around and won't get tired of me no matter how much I'm around. Someone to think the same as me, "gifts are nice, but feelings and thoughts are better." A girl who would be down with just chilling doing nothing. One who wouldn't mind paying my way every once in a while. She doesn't have to be pretty on the outside, doesn't have to be all slim and slinder. I need a girl who likes me for me.



G. Stokes

Your eyes are as beautiful then ever, mixed between Niomai Campbell's and Tara Banks eyes. Loc's and loc's of goureous beautiful black silky hair. Skin so smooth, I take hours and hours to describe you to my friends. When you flash your smile, I have to look at you twice, because I don't think that my heart can take it when I look at your sparkling eyes and dazzling smile in one look. And when you flip your hair, that drives me instain one glance of that and I'll never be the same.



G. Stokes

It's like a papercut, when I can't be near you. But once I get a kiss, it's the cure for the itch. I feel all lonley, when I'm by myself. I don't know why I'm crawling, cause if I get up and walk I'm one step closer to being with you. You're parents are the points of authority and your parents keep trying to push me away so one day we shall runaway and be forgotten. So in the end your shoulder is a place for my head, to rest apond and forget about all of our worries.



G. Stokes

Here I am singing this song. I never thought Ill be singing this song with so much emotions. Its like Im up on stage performing with the singer. When the singer wrote this song they must have been going down the same emotional road as me. Just remember songs are a type of poetry.



G. Stokes

You uncovered your eyes, and found a big surprise. A prince, who wants to be down. Who waits for you on hands and knees. Someone who wants to fulfill all your needs and fantasies. Neither of them thought that they would be. They become high school sweethearts and talked about starting a family. Some friends they had to cut, cause they had negativity and didnt want them to be. During college they stayed tight by going over each others house and spending the night. They become fiancs after six years and during the wedding they dried each others tears. Whoever thought being girlfriend/boyfriend in the 11th grade would come out to what they have here? Chiquita and a Guy, once a dream came reality.



G. Stokes

Just like a diamond, you shine. Everybody wants, to get their hands on you. I would put you in a glass display, with laser beams all around it. So anybody would fry if they even tried to take you. A diamond you are to me. One word priceless!



G. Stokes

4th of January 2000 nothing really exciting happened. 4th of January 2001 something spectacular happened. You put the title to our name making friends become more, two single souls becoming one. A relationship, I know we waited so bad, we have now and we both cherish it so much. But thank you for making it Valentines in January.


"Words Are Useless"

G. Stokes

I think of you in everyway, I think of you everyday. Words cannot express what I want to say, that's why I write it in the sand everytime I'm at the bay. For you are a friend, that I'll never trade for another. If you were a boy I would want you as my brother. So I'm giving you this card to say thank you.


G. Stokes

For I only see you in pictures and hardly in the flesh, I love you this-this much more than my heart can take. Years go by and we hardly say "hi" or "bye." I just wonder what you're gonna say when we see each other next time.


G. Stokes

I've been through types of accidents, so I know I can take pain. Pain from love hurts, more than all those accidents put together. Not getting to close to a girl, just to make sure that my heart doesn't ache when her ex comes back in the picture. A accident one day made me think. Damn, this situation could have turned out different. I could have been lying on the ground in a perdicament where I could not have survivored. After the accident I thanked the man upstairs for giving me another chance to live. Following that I told my mate at the time that I loved her, not just because of what happened, but also because I loved her. But she'll never understand.

"A Show"

G. Stokes

You don't see, she's using you to know everything about me. She wasn't saying your name before we started chilling can't you see? She wants to be in my life, but I won't let her be. Wanting to know everything I do from A to C and everything between. There's times when she's nice, but she often mean. So I want you to open up your eyes and see, she's just chilling with you to get back at me.


"In The Street"

G. Stokes

I see you sitting over there sipping on some courvoiser. Not letting nothing get you down, sitting there with a smile. Excuse me miss, I said can I sit down? I was way back there, trying to look way up here I almost broke my neck to see if anyone was sitting in this chair. Don't get me wrong, I am a brother, I'm just odd from the others. I do odinary things, but they're sweet at the end. Girl, you got me all wrong, I don't want to see your sheets! I just wanted to know you're name so the next time I see you on the street, I'll say so you could stop and flash me your pretty smile my way.

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