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Asia's Poems


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Poems of Asia

All poems were written by Asia, except the ones noted.

  • Class Lady 

"Classy Lady"


School is in session
Take notes this is important, was mentioned
This femme fatale, I more than once grabbed his attention
And already he is in detention
Still he thinks about the upcoming luncheon
During class he cannot function
The bell has chimed it is time to rise
To the next class I stride
Upon whom do I spy with lust in my eyes
It`s no surprise, I tell no sweet lies
Somewhere in between clouds eight and ten we hide
The way I walk between walls I must be dance upon the sky
This Quintessential female towards me, he is shy, he beseechs his speech to not die
Fluent student I carry pride
As he slides across my side we almost touch
An inch away from happiness, slipping through my clutch
Such a stunning one when it comes to addresing me
He can't say much
But when surrounded by me, his thoughts are like snow turned slush
Words coursing through his brain as his blood begins to rush
To speak these sentences is it really within him
Keeping his mind busy like extracurricular activities
Hopefully it will initiate some conversation
Long term plans like owning my locker combination
Walking hand in hand to class on every occasion
Although he's getting ahead of himself his heart is still racing
Cupid chasing, toward my celestial body he is pacing
But it is too late for the bell has rung, the day has ended
Signaling for him like instant messages I`m sending

Asia will like to thank you for reading her poems. Come again so you can check out her new stuff.